PerkinElmer introduces new NexION 350 ICP-MS spectrometer

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  • Published: Jun 23, 2014
  • Source: PerkinElmer
  • Channels: Atomic
thumbnail image: PerkinElmer introduces new NexION 350 ICP-MS spectrometer

With a data acquisition speed 10 times faster than any other ICP-MS on the market, the new NexION 350 ICP-MS opens up a whole new world of efficiency and opportunity, allowing you to measure more in less time, and accurately characterize nanoparticles.

In addition to the exceptional application flexibility afforded by its speed, the instrument also delivers superior uptime and productivity through a variety of unique features engineered to enhance signal stability:

  • Triple Cone Interface produces the industry’s most tightly focused ion beam and prevents sample deposition on internal components.
  • Quadrupole Ion Deflector turns positively charged ions 90° into the Universal Cell and filters off neutrals.
  • Analyzing Quadrupole made of a unique steel alloy for negligible thermal expansion for unparalleled stability.
  • No extraction lenses to clean for minimized maintenance.

Plus, the NexION 350 offers simple operation through PerkinElmer’s Syngistix™ for ICP-MS, a new workflow-based software also designed to improve efficiencies in the laboratory. Syngistix features an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, along with new automated method setup tools for faster implementation. The software’s optional dedicated Nano Application Module can be coupled with the NexION 350 ICP-MS for an unprecedented level of nanomaterial detection and characterization.

PerkinElmer’s new NexION 350 ICP-MS includes an array of technical innovations that reduce background and interferences, optimize signal stability, minimize maintenance requirements and downtime, and generate better results.

The NexION 350 ICP-MS is available in four models to best suit the user's application needs.

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