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The Analysis of Controlled Substances

Date: Mar 28, 2003

Author: Michael D. Cole

Presenting new developments in sampling and drug profiling, this book also provides practical information on how to carry out analysis, what the results mean and how they can be used as court evidence and for drugs intelligence purposes. * Includes case-studies with full data and spectra, helping readers to identify substances * Accessibly organized by class of compound * Contains an up-to-date list of the newest drugs

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An Introduction to Surface Analysis by XPS and AES

Date: Mar 25, 2003

Author: John F. Watts, John Wolstenholme

Extensively revised and updated with additional material included in existing chapters and new material on angle resolved XPS, surface engineering and complimentary methods. * Includes an accessible introduction to the key spectroscopic techniques in surface analysis. * Provides descriptions of latest instruments and techniques. * Includes a detailed glossary of key surface analysis terms.

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ICP Emission Spectrometry: A Practical Guide

Date: Feb 7, 2003

Author: Joachim Nolte

All the essentials needed for successful ICP OES analyses. Using a clear and comprehensive style, the author introduces practitioners to ICP emission spectrometry, covering the basics as well as information on the instrumentation, instructions on how to develop methods and numerous concrete examples. The layout is extremely reader-friendly and well structured, with the author highlighting typical questions and problems, while also providing checklists and detailed instructions for implementation. Thus,...

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Handbook of Molecular Physics and Quantum Chemistry

Date: Jan 17, 2003

Author: Stephen Wilson, Peter F. Bernath, Roy McWeeny

Published in three volumes, this comprehensive reference work brings together in a single source for the first time, a detailed presentation of the most important theoretical concepts and methods for the study of molecules and molecular systems. The logical format of the Handbook allows the reader to progress from the foundations of the field to the most important and exciting areas of current research. Edited and written by an outstanding international team, and containing over 100 articles written by...

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Experimental Design for Combinatorial and High Throughput Materials Development

Date: Jan 7, 2003

Author: James N. Cawse

In the past decade, combinatorial and high throughput experimental methods have revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry, allowing researchers to conduct more experiments in a week than was previously possible in a year. Now high throughput experimentation is rapidly spreading from its origins in the pharmaceutical world to larger industrial research establishments such as GE and DuPont, and even to smaller companies and universities. Consequently, researchers need to know the kinds of problems, desired...

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Glow Discharge Plasmas in Analytical Spectroscopy

Date: Nov 27, 2002

Author: R. Kenneth Marcus, José A. C. Broekaert

This multi-author, edited volume includes chapters which deal with both basic and highly complex applications. Glow discharge devices are now being used in very novel ways for the analysis of liquids and gases, including molecular species detection and identification, an area that was beyond the perceived scope of applicability just ten years ago. It is expected that the next decade will see a growth in the interest and application of glow discharge devices far surpassing the expectations of the last...

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Principles and Applications of Ion Scattering Spectrometry: Surface Chemical and Structural Analysis

Date: Oct 29, 2002

Author: J. Wayne Rabalais

Ion scattering spectrometry, a powerful analytical tool used to determine the structure and composition of a substance, addresses critical problems in semiconductors, thin film growth, coatings, computer chips, magnetic storage devices, bioreactive surfaces, catalytic surfaces, and electrochemical surfaces (including the large battery industry). Principles and Applications of Ion Scattering Spectrometry: Surface Chemical and Structural Analysis represents the first and only book on this exciting field,...

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Encyclopedia of Imaging Science and Technology, 2 Volume Set

Date: Feb 27, 2002

Author: Joseph P. Hornak

This encyclopedia is the first to offer in-depth coverage of imaging science and technology from a diverse range of applications, techniques and fields of study. Today imaging is used by astronomers to map distant galaxies, oceanographers to map the sea floor, chemists to map the distribution of atoms on a surface, physicians to map the functionality of the brain and electrical engineers to map electromagnetic fields around power lines. With this encyclopedia, scientists, engineers and physicians can...

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Molecular Fluorescence

Date: Jan 15, 2002

Author: Bernard Valeur

Today, fluorescence spectroscopy is an important tool of investigation in many areas. In analytical sciences, its advantage is extremely high sensitivity and selectivity - even single molecules can be detected - and it achieves a high spatial resolution and time resolution in combination with microscopic techniques or laser techniques, respectively. In material sciences, this is used to study structure and dynamics of surfaces. Particularly in the areas of biochemistry and molecular genetics, fluorescence...

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Chemical Speciation in the Environment, 2nd Edition

Date: Jan 7, 2002

Author: A. Ure, C. Davidson

Considerable recent research has focused on the topic of chemical speciation in the environment. It is increasingly realised that the distribution, mobility and biological availability of chemical elements depend not simply on their concentrations but, critically, on the forms in which they occur in natural systems. Continuing developments in analytical chemistry have made speciation practicable even where analytes are present at trace levels (as is often the case in natural samples).In the second edition...

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