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Asses and beans

thumbnail image: Asses and beans

I came across a common typo recently, steriods, and was reminded of some of the typing errors I had seen in papers over the years.

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Bioinformatics for molecular biologists

thumbnail image: Bioinformatics for molecular biologists

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press has published a new book entitled 'A Bioinformatics Guide for Molecular Biologists'.

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MRS can estimate time of death

thumbnail image: MRS can estimate time of death

31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy can be used to estimate the time of death in humans, based on the ratio of ATP to inorganic phosphate, which falls exponentially for up to 8 hours post-mortem.

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Cold mass spec

thumbnail image: Cold mass spec

Mass spectra have been recorded by cooling the interface between atmospheric pressure and the vacuum inlet rather than heating it, a technique which could yield spectra from thermally unstable compounds and lightly bound complexes.

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NIST expands MS library

thumbnail image: NIST expands MS library

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has just released a new, greatly expanded version of its mass spectral library.

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Diagnosing malaria from a single cell

thumbnail image: Diagnosing malaria from a single cell

The detection of malaria in single cells by combining focal plane array microscope with a synchrotron light source heralds the introduction of a technique which could become the gold standard for malaria diagnosis in the future, according to its inventors.

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Waters acquires 'intelligent knife' technology

thumbnail image: Waters acquires intelligent knife technology

Waters has acquired the rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry technology behind the 'intelligent knife', a device for real-time diagnostics during surgery.

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How strong is that drink?

thumbnail image: How strong is that drink

A simple colour test can check the ethanol content of drinks and detect counterfeit beverages containing methanol, which are a serious health hazard.

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Pollutants are not to blame for once

thumbnail image: Pollutants are not to blame for once

Persistent organic pollutants are not to blame for a disease that affects sea turtles with benign tumours, say US scientists, although other types of contaminant may still play a role.

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A partial load of bull

thumbnail image: A partial load of bull

The full genomes from 234 cattle have been reported as the first data in the 1000 Bull Genome Project that is designed to improve animal health and welfare, as well as productivity. The final results should help accelerate genetic improvement among the breeds and produce animals that give improved meat and milk yields.

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