Introducing the AB SCIEX 6500 Series Mass Spectrometers with IonDrive™ Technology. Exceedingly sensitive. Sharply focused.

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  • Published: Jun 15, 2012
  • Author: AB SCIEX
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thumbnail image: Introducing the AB SCIEX 6500 Series Mass Spectrometers with IonDrive™ Technology. Exceedingly sensitive. Sharply focused.<br/>

Exceedingly Sensitive. Sharply focused.

Introducing the AB SCIEX 6500 Series Mass Spectrometers with IonDrive™ Technology

Triple Quad 6500 from AB SCIEX
AB SCIEX has introduced the new 6500 Series of Mass Spectrometers, the next generation of ultra sensitive LC/MS/MS platforms. With revolutionary multi-component IonDrive™ technology, the 6500 Series is now AB SCIEX’s most sensitive triple quadrupole with:

  • Up to 10X greater sensitivity over the best selling triple quadrupole
  • 20X increase in detector dynamic range
  • Enhanced QTRAP® Technology option with
    -  100X greater full scan sensitivity over basic triple quads
    -  2X faster quantitative MRM3 for use with UHPLC methods
    TripleTrap™ scanning for simultaneous MRM quantitation and full scan library searching
  • SelexION™ differential ion mobility separation technology option

The AB SCIEX 6500 Series with IonDrive™ technology merges highly evolved sensitivity with renowned performance. Adopting an intelligent approach to increasing limits of quantitation, the new patented IonDrive™ technology introduces a series of system-wide technological advances that not only increase the number of ions produced, but also enhances the way ions are transmitted and detected.

IonDrive™ technology is built into this system, from the ionization source, to the ion-focusing region, and through the detector. A holistic approach to intelligent mass spectrometry design that pushes the limits in LC/MS/MS sensitivity and allows scientists to achieve the lowest limits of quantitation in complex matrices.

At the core of the AB SCIEX 6500 Series sit the proven curved LINAC® Collision Cell and eQ™ electronics, delivering scan rates of up to 20,000 Da/sec and industry leading dwell times of 1 ms. For quantitative and qualitative analysis, the QTRAP® technology offers productive, time-saving workflows that simply cannot be matched with other mass spectrometry systems.

With QTRAP Technology, the 6500 Series not only allows researchers to push the limits in MRM sensitivity, but also delivers a 100X increase in full-scan sensitivity over basic triple quads. The combined Triple Quad and Linear Ion Trap scan functions provide unrivaled levels of confidence in peptide quantitation and library screening workflows.

  • Boost selectivity with quantitative MRM3 workflows – and reduce the need for extensive sample cleanup or labor-intensive chromatography methods
  • Obtain comprehensive peptide sequence confirmation and simplify MRM assay development for peptide quantitation
  • Simultaneously quantitate MRMs and perform full library scans to search for contaminants

MRM3 with QTRAP® technology – quantitation without interferences

When high background or challenging co-eluting interferences make standard MRM quantitation difficult, enhanced quantitative selectivity is a mouse click away with MRM3. The QTRAP 6500 system enables MRM3 scans that are twice as fast as previous generations of QTRAP technology, enabling faster chromatography. Automated MRM3 method-building script makes parameter definition effortless while also making the MRM3 workflow a fast, reproducible and easy-to-use approach to increase throughput.

SelexION Technology: differential ion mobility separation

AB SCIEX SelexION™ Technology takes the world’s most sensitive triple quadrupole mass spectrometer and adds a new dimension of selectivity for enhanced quantitative and qualitative performance.

Improve data quality and enhance selectivity for challenging samples that require advanced analytical separations. The 6500 Series with SelexION™ technology is the ideal development suite for any application requiring the separation of isobaric species, isolation of challenging co-eluting contaminants, and reduction of high background noise while maintaining industry leading sensitivity and robustness.

Learn more about the 6500 Series with IonDrive Technology
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The AB SCIEX 6500 Series pushes the limits in mass spectrometry. Contact your sales representative for more details.

Visit our AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 6500 product page and our QTRAP® 6500 product page to see visionary sensitivity in LC/MS/MS.


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