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  • Published: Dec 15, 2014
  • Source: Edinburgh Instruments
  • Categories: UV/Vis Spectroscopy
thumbnail image: FS5 Spectrofluorometer from Edinburgh Instruments

Single Photon Counting for Ultimate Sensitivity

The FS5 is a fully integrated steady-state fluorescence spectrometer designed to meet the highest specifications in the research and analytical markets. Ultimate sensitivity, coupled with high speed data acquisition and ease of use, makes the FS5 the ideal plug and play analytical tool. The optical design is the best in its class, utilising specially selected optics to achieve the maximum in signal throughput.

  • Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Lifetime measurements (TCSPC and MCS) capability up to 1650 nm, as short as 25 ps
  • >6,000:1 Water Raman SNR; the most sensitive bench-top spectrofluorometer available
  • Two emission ports as standard allows a variety of detectors to be used simultaneously for seamless analysis through a wide emission range UV-Vis-NIR
  • Emission, transmission and reference detectors as standard ensures the most accurate data is represented
  • Comprehensive ‘Plug & Play’ sample modules automatically reconfigure the software package to extend the experimental methods available: Front-face sample holders for solids, powders and films, integrating sphere for quantum yield analysis, microplate reader, polarisation accessory for anisotropy measurements, and many more...


Using single photon counting techniques for the highest detection sensitivity, the FS5 delivers data you can trust for a broad array of samples, from solutions and powders to films. The standard FS5 has a number of upgrade routes that are unique in its class, including:

  • Extended wavelength coverage up to 1650 nm while maintaining the specified sensitivity in the UV and visible spectral range
  • Computer controlled polarisers to allow for automated anisotropy
  • Phosphorescence lifetime option with a lifetime range of microseconds to seconds
  • Fully integrated fluorescence lifetime option (TCSPC based) for the measurement of lifetimes from picoseconds to microseconds

The FS5 is the ultimate bench-top spectrofluorometer. For more information you can download the FS5 technical datasheet, contact sales@edinst.com or call +44 (0)1506 425 300.

Edinburgh Instruments also offer research-grade, high performance fluorescence spectrometers, transient absorption/laser flash photolysis spectrometers, laser light sources and an extensive range of accessories or upgrades.

Please visit the Edinburgh Instruments website
to find out more about our products.

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