Standard Colorimetry: Definitions, Algorithms and Software

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  • Published: Jan 1, 2016
  • Author: Claudio Oleari
  • ISBN: 978-1118-894-44-6
  • Format: Paperback
  • Extent: 512 pages
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  • Channels: UV/Vis Spectroscopy / Infrared Spectroscopy
thumbnail image: Standard Colorimetry: Definitions, Algorithms and Software

Colour is a sensation and as such it is a subjective and incommunicable quantity. Colour measurement is possible because we can create a correspondence between colour sensations and the light radiations that stimulate them. This correspondence concerns the physics of light radiation, the physiology of the visual process and the psychology of vision.

Historically, in parallel to standard colorimetry, systems for colour ordering have been developed that allow colour specifications in a very practical and concrete way, based on the direct vision of material colour samples arranged in colour atlases. Colour-ordering systems are sources of knowledge of colour vision, which integrate standard colorimetry.

Standard Colorimetry: Definitions, Algorithms and Software:

  • Describes physiology and psychophysics useful to understand colorimetry
  • Considers all the photometric and colorimetric systems standardized by CIE (XYZ, CIELAB, CIELUV, LMS)
  • Presents colorimetric instrumentation in order to guide the reader toward colorimetric practice
  • Discusses colorimetric computation to understand the meaning of numerical colour specification
  • Considers colorimetry in colour syntheses and in imaging colour reproduction
  • Includes ready-to-use, freely-available software, “Colorimetric eXercise”, which has multiple toolboxes dedicated to
    • displaying CIE systems, atlases, any colour and its whole numerical specification
    • colour-vision phenomena and tests

Standard Colorimetry: Definitions, Algorithms and Software is an accessible and valuable resource for students, lecturers, researchers and laboratory technicians in colour science and image technology.

Follow this link to download the free software “Colorimetric eXercise”:

Standard Colorimetry: Definitions, Algorithms and Software is published in partnership with the Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC). 
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