High‐performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry for simultaneous determination of raltegravir, dolutegravir and elvitegravir concentrations in human plasma and cerebrospinal fluid samples

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  • Published: Aug 21, 2017
  • Author: Kiyoto Tsuchiya, Mayu Ohuchi, Naoe Yamane, Hiroaki Aikawa, Hiroyuki Gatanaga, Shinichi Oka, Akinobu Hamada
  • Journal: Biomedical Chromatography


A simple sample treatment procedure and sensitive liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry method were developed for the simultaneous quantification of the concentrations of human immunodeficiency virus‐1 integrase strand transfer inhibitors – raltegravir, dolutegravir and elvitegravir – in human plasma and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Plasma and CSF samples (20 μL each) were deproteinized with acetonitrile. Raltegravir‐d3 was used as the internal standard. Chromatographic separation was achieved on an XBridge C18 column (50 × 2.1 mm i.d., particle size 3.5 μm) using acetonitrile–water (7:3, v/v) containing 0.1% formic acid as the mobile phase at a flow rate of 0.2 mL/min. The run time was 5 min. Calibration curves for all three drugs were linear in the range 5–1500 ng/mL for plasma and 1–200 ng/mL for CSF. The intra‐ and inter‐day precision and accuracy of all three drugs in plasma were coefficient of variation (CV) <12.9% and 100.0 ± 12.2%, respectively, while those in CSF were CV <12.3% and 100.0 ± 7.9%, respectively. Successful validation under the same LC–MS/MS conditions for both plasma and CSF indicates this analytical method is useful for monitoring the levels of these integrase strand transfer inhibitors in the management of treatment of HIV‐1 carriers.

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