Metabolic analysis of the antidepressive effects of Yangxinshi Tablet in a vascular depression model in mice

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  • Published: Oct 27, 2017
  • Author: Hongli Du, Hai Zhang, Yahong Zhao, Min Liu, Anni Chen, Shiyu Liu, Dan Xue, Yanjun Liu, Guoqing Zhang
  • Journal: Biomedical Chromatography


In recent years, vascular depression has become the focus of international attention. Yangxinshi Tablet (YXST) is usually used in cthe linic for the treatment of arrhythmia and heart failure, but we found that it also has antidepressive effects. The objective of the study was to identify biomarkers related to vascular depression in hippocampus and explore the antidepressive effects of YXST on the mouse model. Untargeted metabolomics based on UHPLC‐Q‐TOF/MS was applied to identify significantly differential biomarkers between the model group and control group. Unsupervised principal component analysis (PCA) was used to scan the tendency of groups and partial least squares‐discriminant analysis (PLS‐DA) to distinguish between the vascular depressive mice and the sham. PCA stores showed clear differences in metabolism between the vascular depressive mice and sham groups. The PLS‐DA model exhibited 38 metabolites as the biomarkers to distinguish the vascular depressive mice and the sham. Further, YXST significantly regulated 22 metabolites to normal levels. The results suggested that YXST has a comprehensive antidepressive effect on vascular depression via regulation of multiple metabolic pathways including amino acid, the tricarboxylic acid cycle and phosphoglyceride metabolisms. These findings provide insight into the pathophysiological mechanism underlying vascular depression and the mechanism of YXST.

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