A simple method to estimate the isoelectric point of modified Tomato bushy stunt virus (TBSV) particles

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  • Published: Aug 25, 2017
  • Author: Mario Braun, Wolfgang Gebauer, Gabriela Krczal, Christiane Ziegler, Christine Müller‐Renno, Kajohn Boonrod

We present a simple method to estimate the isoelectric point (pI) of Tomato Bushy Stunt particles. We demonstrate that the combination of agarose gels with different pH buffers can be used to electrophorese the virus particles and their migration patterns can be compared. This method allows us to estimate the pI of the virus particles (wild type, wt, and genetically modified particles) and to monitor the effect of the pI of modified peptide side chains of the viral capsid subunit on the pI of the whole virus particle.

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