Simulation analysis of rectifying microfluidic mixing with field‐effect‐tunable electrothermal induced flow

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  • Published: Sep 25, 2017
  • Author: Weiyu Liu, Yukun Ren, Ye Tao, Bobin Yao, You Li


We report herein field‐effect control on in‐phase electrothermal streaming from a theoretical point of view, a phenomenon termed “alternating‐current electrothermal‐flow field effect transistor” (ACET‐FFET), in the context of a new technology for handing analytes in microfluidics. Field‐effect control through a gate terminal endows ACET‐FFET the ability to generate arbitrary symmetry breaking in the transverse vortex flow pattern, which makes it attractive for mixing microfluidic samples. A computational model is developed to study the feasibility of this new microfluidic device design for micromixing. The influence of various parameters on developing an efficient mixer is investigated, and an integrated layout of discrete electrode array is suggested for achieving high‐throughput mixing. Our physical demonstration with field‐effect electrothermal flow control using a simple electrode structure proves invaluable for designing active micromixers for modern micro total analytical system.

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