Enhanced headspace single drop microextraction method using deep eutectic solvent based magnetic bucky gels: Application to the determination of volatile aromatic hydrocarbons in water and urine samples

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  • Published: Dec 27, 2017
  • Author: Seyedeh Mahboobeh Yousefi, Farzaneh Shemirani, Sohrab Ali Ghorbanian
  • Journal: Journal of Separation Science


A facile headspace single drop microextraction method was developed using deep eutectic solvent‐based magnetic bucky gel as the extraction solvent for the first time. The hydrophobic magnetic bucky gel was formed by combining choline chloride/chlorophenol deep eutectic solvent and magnetic multiwalled carbon nanotube nanocomposite. Magnetic susceptibility, high viscosity, high sorbing ability, and tunable extractability of organic analytes are the desirable advantages of the prepared gel. Using a rod magnet as a suspensor in combination with the magnetic susceptibility of the prepared gel resulted in a highly stable droplet. This stable droplet eliminated the possibility of drop dislodgement. The prepared droplet made it possible to complete the extraction process in high temperatures and elevated agitation rates. Furthermore, using larger micro‐droplet volumes without any operational problems became possible. These facts resulted in shorter sample preparation time, higher sensitivity of the method, and lower detection limits. Under the optimized conditions, an enrichment factor of 520–587, limit of detection of 0.05–0.90 ng/mL, and linearity range of 0.2–2000 ng/mL (coefficient of determination = 0.9982–0.9995) were obtained. Relative standard deviations were < 10%. This method was successfully coupled with gas chromatography and used for the determination of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene isomers as harmful volatile organic compounds in water and urine samples.

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