Assessment of the need for DCE MRI in the detection of dominant lesions in the whole gland: Correlation between histology and MRI of prostate cancer

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  • Published: Dec 20, 2017
  • Author: Piotr Kozlowski, Silvia D. Chang, Edward C. Jones, S. Larry Goldenberg
  • Journal: NMR in Biomedicine

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the utility of dynamic contrast‐enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE MRI) in the detection of dominant prostate tumors with multi‐parametric MRI of the whole gland. Combined diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and DCE MRI from 16 patients with biopsy‐proven prostate cancer and no previous treatment were acquired with a 3.0‐T MRI scanner prior to radical prostatectomy, and used to identify dominant tumors. MRI results were validated by whole‐mount histology. Paired t‐test and Wilcoxon test, logistic generalized linear mixed effect models and receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analyses were used for the estimation of the statistical significance of the results. In the peripheral zone (PZ), the areas under the ROC curve (ROC‐AUC) were 0.98 (sensitivity, 96%; specificity, 98%) for DTI, 0.96 (sensitivity, 92%; specificity, 97%) for DCE and 0.99 (sensitivity, 98%; specificity, 98%) for DTI + DCE. In the entire prostate, the ROC‐AUC values were 0.96 (sensitivity, 84%; specificity, 95%) for DTI, 0.87 (sensitivity, 45%; specificity, 94%) for DCE and 0.96 (sensitivity, 88%; specificity, 98%) for DTI + DCE. The increase in ROC‐AUC by the addition of DCE was not statistically significant in either PZ or the entire prostate. The results of this study have shown that DTI identified dominant tumors with high accuracy in both PZ and the entire prostate, whereas the inclusion of DCE MRI had no significant impact on the identification of either PZ or entire prostate dominant lesions. Our results suggest that the inclusion of DCE MRI may not increase the accuracy of dominant lesion detection, allowing for faster, better tolerated imaging studies.

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