Topographic and 3D Raman Imaging - The next great leap in Raman microscopy

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  • Published: May 2, 2012
  • Categories: Raman

Forthcoming webinar from WITec



Topographic and 3D Raman Imaging:
The next great leap in Raman microscopy

Topography and True Surface Raman Image of Pharmaceutical Tablet

This webinar has been recorded and is now available on demand.

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This webinar introduces the operational principles of Raman imaging as a tool for analyzing the chemical characteristics of a sample three dimensionally including the distribution of the chemical compounds, crystallinity and material stress fields.

Topographic Raman imaging is a new imaging mode which allows confocal Raman imaging guided by the surface topography obtained by an integrated profilometer. Large-area topographic coordinates from the profilometer measurement can be precisely correlated with the large-area confocal Raman imaging data. This allows for the first time confocal Raman imaging along heavily inclined or very rough samples with the true surface held in constant focus while maintaining the highest confocality. With this new imaging mode, samples that had previously required extensive preparation in order to obtain a certain surface flatness can now be effortlessly and automatically characterized as they are.

The True Surface Imaging mode is also an ideal supplement to atomic force microscopy (AFM), which provides topographic information on small sample areas with ultra-high precision.

Your presenters

Thomas Dieing

Ute Schmidt

Dr Thomas Dieing
Director, Customer Support
WITec GmbH, Germany

Dr Ute Schmidt
Applications Manager
WITec GmbH, Germany

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