Bruker to showcase their SCION GCs during European seminar series

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  • Published: Oct 19, 2012
  • Source: Bruker Corporation
  • Suppliers: Bruker Corporation
  • Channels: Gas Chromatography / Base Peak

Fremont, CA. October 17, 2012.

Bruker will be visiting France, Turkey and Poland with their industry leading SCION™ series gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and their stand-alone SCION GCs. The seminars will be run between October and November, 2012. Experts from the Bruker CAM division will conduct a series of in-depth technical seminars on the innovative features of the SCION platforms, the ease-of-use and maintenance and the benefits of using both the SCION GC-MS and the SCION GC platforms in a number of important application areas, including food testing and environmental monitoring.

This free seminar series is aimed at laboratory analysts in food safety testing, environmental monitoring and related fields from laboratories in government, independent testing labs, food manufacturers, processors, and producers. Attendees will learn about the SCION SQ and TQ GC-MS, SCION 436-GC and SCION 456-GC - the gas chromatographers choice for separations. The seminars will discuss the revolutionary innovations making the SCION series so successful.

“The SCION TQ is a revolutionary GC triple quadrupole system that offers best-in-class triple quad sensitivity and selectivity to the gas chromatographer in a system that is as compact, easy-to-use and robust as single quads,” commented Meredith Conoley, Marketing Director of the Bruker CAM’s division. “We believe that the SCION TQ will lead and greatly accelerate the inevitable change over of the GC-MS market to GC triple quad technology to deal with today’s ever more challenging analytical problems and matrices in environmental, forensics, doping and food safety applications.” Further commented by Conoley “Bruker’s newest SCION GC platforms, coupled with the CompassCDS software, have set the standard for high productivity for GC analysis, exceeding the most critical performance and reliability needed by GC users – designed to meet reliable performance, ease-of-use and simple maintenance”. Speaking about the SCION seminar series, Conoley commented that they “provide the opportunity for users in Europe to familiarize themselves with the Bruker SCION range of instruments and to have access to the specialists that know the instruments capabilities to the full and can assist you in obtaining optimized performance from your SCION.”

For more information on the SCION GC-MS or the SCION 436- and 456-GC product lines, please visit

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