Bruker introduces innovative analytical solutions at Pittcon 2015

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  • Published: Mar 11, 2015
  • Author: Jon Evans
  • Source: Bruker
  • Suppliers: Bruker Corporation
  • Channels: Laboratory Informatics / Ion Chromatography / HPLC / Electrophoresis / Sample Preparation / Proteomics & Genomics / Detectors / Gas Chromatography / MRI Spectroscopy / Chemometrics & Informatics / Proteomics / Infrared Spectroscopy / Base Peak / X-ray Spectrometry / NMR Knowledge Base / UV/Vis Spectroscopy / Raman / Atomic

Bruker is showcasing a selection of innovative analytical products and solutions at this year's Pittcon event, which is taking place in New Orleans, US, on 8–12 March. Many of these products and solutions have a particular emphasis on pharma and applied markets, quality control, as well as nano-analysis and cell biology.

‘The opportunities in the analytical sciences continue to change, and I am proud that as a major manufacturer of high-performance instrumentation Bruker is delivering strong contributions to high-value analysis solutions, as well as for research,’ said Frank Laukien, president and CEO of Bruker Corporation. ‘Bruker continues its “Innovation with Integrity” tradition, and at Pittcon 2015 we are focusing on new high-value analytical solutions that meet specific market needs.’

Applied and Pharmaceutical Markets

BRAVO: This next-generation hand-held Raman spectrometer with patented fluorescence mitigation SSETM (sequentially shifted excitation) permits measurements of a wider range of raw materials, compared with first-generation systems. Specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry, BRAVO’s intuitive user interface and touchscreen provide a superior guided workflow. BRAVO features Duo-LASER excitation with two wavelengths, resulting in high sensitivity across a large spectral range. Additional features include automated wavenumber calibration for precise measurements and automated measuring tip recognition, IntelliTip, which ensures that the proper measuring tip is used. BRAVO is certified as a Class 1M laser product for all measurement modes, making training and operations easier and safer.

InsightMR: This new software for online NMR analysis of chemical processes allows experimental parameters to be adjusted based on real-time data during the analysis. InsightMR is built on Bruker’s flagship NMR software TopSpin, providing seamless integration with Bruker NMR systems. InsightMR’s user-friendly interface allows both expert and non-expert users to set up, monitor and adjust key experimental parameters. As a result, the software is an excellent solution for both industrial and academic scientists studying and optimizing organic reactions. InsightMR has already proven successful in its first installation at Pfizer in Connecticut, US, where it has been used to apply NMR to on-line reaction monitoring to solve real chemical questions within the drug development pipeline.

D8 ENDEAVOR: The new D8 ENDEAVOR is an advanced X-ray diffraction (XRD) system offering high performance for process and quality control. It combines accuracy with superior analysis speed and is equipped with the latest LYNXEYE XE detector, addressing the requirements of process and quality control in the aluminium, cement, geology, mining, pharmaceutical and pigment industries by allowing short measurement times while maintaining excellent sensitivity. The new D8 ENDEAVOR is easy to operate either in stand-alone or automation-integrated mode, or using a touchscreen interface by non-expert operators. The sample handling of the D8 ENDEAVOR offers high flexibility and reliability, as various sample types can be loaded automatically via conveyor belt or robot, one-by-one or with a multi-position tray.

S2 PUMATM: With this new bench-top, energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer for quantitative elemental analysis, Bruker introduces HighSenseTM technology to EDXRF. Low detection limits and short measurement times are achieved using a higher power X-ray tube. Best-in-class detection of light elements is realized by the combination of optimized excitation, detection and the economical vacuum mode. High sample throughput of loose or pressed powders, solids or liquids is supported with either the EasyLoad sample tray or via the automation load port. Irregular or large samples can be accommodated by the large sample chamber version. TouchControlTM makes operation of S2 PUMA easy and intuitive. The new S2 PUMA matches the needs of industrial customers in minerals and mining, cement production, metals processing, and petro-chemistry as well as research laboratories.

New ONET software for administration of FT-NIR spectrometer networks: ONET is a server application accessed via a browser-based web interface (WebUI), allowing users to set up, administer and control a network of FT-NIR instruments from a central location anywhere in the world. ONET allows mid- and large-size companies to utilize high performance FT-NIR technology without needing to compromise on ease of use for routine operators. ONET supports connecting LIMS to the central database and is available in English, Chinese, French, German and Spanish. ONET has been successfully implemented at many international companies managing more than 100 NIR spectrometers, not only for calibration, instrument and operator management, but also for data management and data security.

Toothpaste Analyzer: The new Toothpaste Analyzer is based on Bruker’s proven TD-NMR minispec product line and provides a turnkey solution for quantifying fluoride content in toothpaste and mouthwash, which can be crucial for preventing health risks caused by elevated levels of flouride. Bruker’s Toothpaste Analyzer achieves high accuracy and reproducibility in half the measurement time compared to other commercial TD-NMR instruments and delivers the most cost-efficient solution. The 21 CFR part 11 software and automatic sample changer support maximum efficiency and compliance.

Food safety & quality

NMR Honey Profiling: This new NMR screening solution specifically designed for analyzing honey is the most recent module of Bruker’s well-established FoodScreener product line. The solution delivers targeted and non-targeted analysis to simultaneously identify and quantify a multitude of honey characteristics, including sugar, acid and amino acid content, as well as to detect frauds such as adding different types of syrup or other sugar solutions. The inherent ease of use allows non-expert users to conduct various analyses, from measurement to final report, in minutes and without chromatography. The NMR database developed for honey screening contains thousands of authentic samples with worldwide coverage in collaboration with Quality Services International and ALNuMed.

NMR Wine Profiling: This substantially enhanced second-generation FoodScreener module for wine profiling allows easy and cost-efficient NMR-based wine analysis. In addition to determining geographical origin, including for the first time key regions in France, Italy and Spain, NMR Wine Profiling can determine other key authenticity parameters such as grape variety, vintage year and possible water addition. This comprehensive solution offers a quick, fully automated and cost-efficient tool to ensure wine quality and authenticity, protecting brand integrity and consumer confidence.

New TASQ 1.0 and Pacer 2.0 high-throughput mass spectrometry quantification software: These powerful software packages allow users to easily screen, identify, confirm and quantify hundreds of compounds in a single experiment. The result is significant increases in throughput and analytical confidence for routine applications in the food, environmental and forensic sectors. The Bruker TASQ (Target Analysis for Screening and Quantitation) software is specifically designed to exploit high resolution, accurate-mass data generated by Bruker QTOF mass spectrometers to confidently screen for trace residues in complex matrices. The menu-driven, quick start wizard guides users through screening and quantitative workflows, while the interactive multi-pane viewer displays all the qualitative and quantitative data simultaneously.

Nanoanalysis, microscopy & advanced materials research

UMT TriboLab mechanical tester: The UMT TriboLab utilizes a universal base that can be equipped with a range of drive modules to allow various different tribology tests to be performed easily on a single platform, offering higher speeds, more torque, and better force measurement than any of its predecessors. Within minutes, the platform can be transformed from rotary to reciprocating motion, from sub-newton to kilonewton force measurement, or from room temperature to up to 1000°C for environmental testing.

NanoForce Nanomechanical Testing System: Bruker’s NanoForce Nanomechanical Testing System offers the very latest technology in nanomechanical characterization. It leverages ultra-low load capability, dynamic testing and atomic force microscope (AFM) imaging as standard elements, and it provides closed-loop control to maximize experiment design parameters. NanoForce provides true nanomechanical testing capabilities that go far beyond nanoindentation, allowing real innovation in material science on a wide range of specimen geometries, including thin films, nanostructures, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and various device components.

BioScope Resolve BioAFM: The new BioScope Resolve features the highest resolution imaging and most complete cell mechanics capabilities available for use with an inverted optical microscope-based AFM. The system incorporates Bruker’s proprietary PeakForce Tapping technology to allow AFM researchers to achieve both the highest resolution imaging and piconewton level force measurements on biological samples. The system also provides real-time correlation of AFM and optical microscopy data sets to provide unique insights into life sciences research.

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