First customer signed for Wiley’s innovative ChemPlanner

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  • Published: Jan 11, 2016
  • Channels: Ion Chromatography / Gas Chromatography / Proteomics & Genomics / HPLC / Laboratory Informatics / Infrared Spectroscopy / Chemometrics & Informatics / Raman / Base Peak / UV/Vis Spectroscopy / NMR Knowledge Base / Proteomics / Atomic
thumbnail image: First customer signed for Wiley’s innovative ChemPlanner

Chichester, UK. January 1, 2016.

Wiley has sold the first ChemPlanner license to AbbVie, a global top-ten pharmaceutical company that develops drugs to treat autoimmune diseases, kidney diseases, liver diseases, and cancer. AbbVie has purchased a group license for ChemPlanner, which is sold as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and hosted on Wiley’s servers. The company will use it for process chemistry, to reduce the cost of producing a molecule for clinical trials, as well as for discovery chemistry.

David Flanagan said “AbbVie have been an early adopter of computer-aided synthesis design technology, and were one of the first customers of ARChem, which was the predecessor to ChemPlanner. They particularly like ChemPlanner’s user interface, the quality of the predictions that our cheminformatics algorithms produce, and that we have a solid platform and a roadmap for further improvements and developments for the product.”

Targeted at organic chemists, ChemPlanner is an innovative reaction prediction tool based on machine learning, enabling chemists to draw their target molecule, and predicting the shortest, fastest, cheapest route to the target, even through predicted, never before reported reactions.

ChemPlanner’s launch in September was the culmination of months of work for the global ChemPlanner product team, based in Bangalore, Berlin, Chennai, Chichester, Ealing, Hoboken, Oxford, Nizhny Novgorod, Toronto and Weinheim. Technology colleagues continue to ship updates with fixes and new features.

The sale is expected to be the first of many. “We think there is scale for sales to grow, both horizontally as we increase the number of users and sites at a company using ChemPlanner, as well as vertically as we monetize new features and capabilities on our roadmap,” says David. “The global pharmaceutical industry spends about $100 billion a year on R&D, so this is shaping up to be a potentially very interesting market for Wiley and for Lab Solutions.”​

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