Shimadzu and Phytonix offer triple ion source

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  • Published: Jun 6, 2017
  • Source: Shimadzu/Phytonix
  • Suppliers: Shimadzu Corporation
  • Channels: HPLC / Base Peak

Shimadzu and Phytronix, a world leader in high throughput analysis in mass spectrometry, have signed an agreement to offer the industry’s first Triple Ion Source.

Ideal for both screening and confirmation work, this new high-speed platform will significantly improve productivity in high-throughput laboratories performing toxicology, drug discovery and food safety applications. The Triple Ion Source incorporates the Phytronix LDTD (Laser Diode Thermal Desorption) ion source, and is designed for perfect synchronization with the speed of the Shimadzu LCMS-8060 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer.

“This unique approach consisting of three modes of ionization allows clients to rapidly switch between liquid chromatograph and LDTD technologies without moving or disconnecting any component of the mass spectrometer,” said Jean Lacoursière, president of Phytronix Technologies. “With a simple click, the scientist can select the best way to develop, produce, screen and confirm their analysis. The speed of LDTD coupled to the speed of Shimadzu's LCMS-8060 mass spectrometer offers the best of both worlds.”

“Researchers have asked for LDTD technology to be fully integrated into our platform in order to achieve sample analysis in less than four seconds, and we did it,” said Shuzo Maruyama, general manager, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division, Shimadzu Corporation. “The Ultra High Throughput LDTD ion source highlights the speed of Shimadzu’s LCMS-8060. With the world’s fastest detection speed, the LCMS-8060 gives scientists the ability to work with a two second sample-to-sample runtime without compromise.”

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