Automated sample preparation by fusion for XRF

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  • Date: Nov 21, 2013 - 14:00 - 15:00 (local time)
  • Presenter: Charles-Olivier Arsenault & Chantal AudetThermo
  • Categories: Sample Preparation / X-ray Spectrometry
thumbnail image: Automated sample preparation by fusion for XRF

Automated sample preparation by fusion for XRF: Maximize your return on investment by combining operating costs, high efficiency, flexibility and analytical performances with your Claisse® rFusion® Modular System

Broadcast on November 21, 2013 
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Claisse® has been the world leader in sample preparation by fusion since 1972 when it invented the first automatic Fluxer. Since then, Claisse® has continued to develop innovative fully-automated fusion instruments that are recognized and considered as the new standard in fusion by the mining, steel, ferro-alloys industries, as well as in service laboratories. In this webinar, Claisse® will present the rFusion® Modular System, capable of automatically dosing, mixing and fusing samples to prepare them for XRF analysis.

The modular system processes cement materials, catalysts, ferro-alloys, steel, slags, refractories and mining samples. Not only does it integrate the industry proven “Claisse® M4™ Fluxers” and the “Claisse® TheAnt™ Automatic Dispenser”, it sets the new standard for flexibility, versatility and analytical accuracy. In fact, the rFusion® has the capacity to fuse up to six samples simultaneously while processing different weighing and fusion programs. It can also manage batch or continuous feedings, while processing priority samples first. With the sample traceability module, every step of the sample preparation process is traceable and the reliability of analytical information generated by the laboratory is guaranteed.

Mrs. Chantal Audet and Mr. Charles-Oliver Arsenault will introduce the rFusion®, detailing its features and benefits, and demonstrate how this modular system can provide a better solution to your daily challenges with automated fusion.

Who should attend?

This webinar is just as suitable for the inexperienced users as it is for practiced users of any type of fusion system used for the sample preparation for XRF Analysis. The delegate profile will include (but not limited to) Scientists, Laboratory Managers, Plant Managers, Quality Control Managers, Chief Operations Officers and Chief Executive Officers of the cement, catalysts, ferro-alloys, steel and mining industries.

Your Presenters

Charles-Oliver Arsenault

Mr. Charles-Olivier Arsenault

B.Sc. Chemist

Charles-O Arseneault: Biography

Charles-O Arseneault is a Chemist, Technical Representative and rFusion® Product Manager at Claisse®. Sales Leader for the Canadian territory, Charles-Olivier is passionate about helping businesses grow and successfully developed and positioned Claisse® products in Australia, where he had been based for 4 years.

Chantal Audet

Mrs. Chantal Audet

M.Sc. Chemist

Chantal Audet: Biography

Chantal Audet is a Chemist, Technical Representative and the TheOx® Product Manager at Claisse®. Sales Leader for the Asian territory, Chantal has over 10 years of experience in product management and sales at Claisse®.

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