Spectro Scientific Introduce the Q1200 Series Portable IR Analyzer for Fast BN Measurement of Two-Stroke Marine Cylinder Oil

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  • Published: Jul 2, 2015
  • Source: Spectro Scientific
  • Channels: Infrared Spectroscopy
thumbnail image: Spectro Scientific Introduce the Q1200 Series Portable IR Analyzer for Fast BN Measurement of Two-Stroke Marine Cylinder Oil

Chelmsford, MA. June 25, 2015.

The Spectro Scientific FluidScan® Q1200 Series portable infrared analyzer provides direct quantitative Base Number (BN) measurement of two-stroke cylinder oil for marine engines - in less than one minute. The analyzer optimizes cylinder feed rates by allowing ship-board engineers to avoid over lubrication of the cylinders and reduce corrosion due to slow steaming, saving time and component replacements costs.

The result of a joint marketing agreement between Spectro Scientific and Wärtsilä Services Switzerland, the Q1200 was developed for marine engine applications. Its ability to measure BN quickly and accurately helps determine the proper amount of lubrication needed for cylinder operation. This allows the engine maintainer to extend the lifetime of these components by reducing cold corrosion and cylinder scuffing due to insufficient lubrication and to prevent scaling due to overlubrication. Further cost savings are realized through the elimination of solvents and other hazardous chemicals typically used for testing.

The handheld device requires a small 1/2ml sample volume and includes color-coded alarm limits for fast and easy results interpretation. It correlates with lab methods specified in ASTM D2896, allowing ship-board engineer to comply with manufacturer residual recommended BN and inlet BN guidelines in real time.

The FluidScan Q1200 Series is available in three models, each of which is easily upgradeable to accommodate additional shipboard equipment.

  • The Q1210 measures oil BN for marine cylinder oils in less than one minute
  • The Q1220 measures BN, additional system oil and other four-stroke engine oils
  • The Q1230 features all of the above capabilities as well as additional oil libraries, including mineral and synthetic oils used in machinery components such as gear boxes and compressors.

Spectro Scientific Vice President of Business Development Bob Wopperer commented, “For the past several years, the FluidScan lubrication oil analyzer has delivered improved efficiency and reliability to our marine industry customers with four-stroke powered vessels. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Wärtsilä Services and the new FluidScan Q1200 model designed specifically for two-stroke powered vessels.” For more information about the FluidScan Q1200 and its capabilities, contact Spectro Scientific at www.spectrosci.com.

About Spectro Scientific

Spectro Scientific and its subsidiaries specialize in analytical instrumentation and software for industrial performance fluids analysis. It is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of oil, fuel and processed water analysis instruments to industry and the military. Industry clients include petrochemical, mining, power generation, merchant marine and water treatment companies as well as commercial testing laboratories. For more information, please visit www.spectrosci.com.

About Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets. By emphasising technological innovation and total efficiency, Wärtsilä maximizes the environmental and economic performance of the vessels and power plants of its customers.

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