QA/QC of Materials and Coatings on Surfaces by Handheld FTIR Analyzers

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  • Date: Mar 3, 2011 - 15:00 - 16:00 (local time)
  • Categories: Infrared Spectroscopy
thumbnail image: QA/QC of Materials and Coatings on Surfaces by Handheld FTIR Analyzers

A2 Technologies

Free interactive webinar:
QA/QC of Materials and Coatings on Surfaces
by Handheld FTIR Analyzers

This webinar was broadcast on March 3, 2011,
and is now available on-demand.

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The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Introduction to handheld FTIR Analyzers for QA/QC applications
    - How user and application requirements drive design considerations
    - Selecting sampling interfaces for QA/QC application
    - Diffuse, specular, grazing angle and spherical attenuated total reflection interfaces - when and how to use


  • Examples of handheld FTIR analysis in:
    - Composites
    - Polymers
    - Coatings on surfaces
    - Paints and primers
    - Powdered and granular materials
  • Questions / discussions

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Detailed QA/QC analysis and characterization of materials, coatings and surfaces is increasingly important due to a combination of advances in material science, and the increased number of global suppliers. A new generation of handheld FTIR analyzers is now available for assuring the quality and performance of these materials.

These portable FTIR analyzers can be used directly at-site, eliminating the need to remove a piece of the object to send to a lab. Thus, handheld FTIR measurements can be truly non-destructive. These new analyzers also have features which make them usable in the laboratory for both method development and routine use. Their performance permits easy method development and allows measurement of both surfaces and powdered/ granulated materials either in lab or at site.

This webinar was broadcast on March 3, 2011.

Your Speaker

Dr. Seelenbinder
Dr. John Seelenbinder
Director of Applicatons,
A2 Technologies
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Dr. John Seelenbinder: Biography

Dr. John Seelenbinder received his BS in Chemistry from Indiana University, and his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island. He started his as an applications chemist with Bourne Scientific and later Digilab, specializing in infrared, infrared microscopy and hyphenated technique applications. From there, John went on to SensIR and later Smiths Detection where he was a product manager for infrared microscopy and portable Raman products. Currently, John is the Director of Applications and Product Management for A2 Technologies.

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