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Surface Analysis - The Principal Techniques

Date: Jul 25, 1997

Author: John C. Vickerman

Surface analysis deals with the characterisation and understanding of the outer layers of substrates. How they react, look and function are all of interest to the surface scientists. From the basic principles of surface analysis this book considers the various techniques used to analyse surfaces and the theory required to understand the results. The book begins with a general introduction to the sometimes complex area of surface analysis, and continues with chapters by leading experts on the many different...

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Biological Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy

Date: Jul 18, 1997

Author: Barbara H. Stuart, David J. Ando

Infrared spectroscopy (IR) is a well established analytical technique for the identification of organic molecules. In this first dedicated volume, the theory of IR is described and is then related to various biological systems. Chapters on instrumentation, sample preparation and the interpretation of spectra give the reader practical help in using the technique. A comprehensive applications chapter illustrates the diversity and power of this technique in real systems.

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Laser-Enhanced Ionization Spectroscopy

Date: Apr 26, 1996

Author: John C. Travis, Gregory C. Turk

Laser-enhanced ionization (LEI) is a type of optical spectrometry that employs photoexcitation to ionize atoms selectively. Over the past two decades, this method--originally known as the optogalvanic effect--has been the object of extensive worldwide research and the subject of numerous papers and published articles. Until now, however, no single volume has presented this wealth of theory and data in a cohesive and accessible form. Laser-Enhanced Ionization Spectrometry fills this gap in the literature....

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Biomedical Applications of Spectroscopy

Date: Apr 17, 1996

Author: R. J. H. Clark, R. E. Hester

About this book In recent years, a number of different spectroscopic techniques have been applied to the study of a wide range of biomedical topics. Biomedical investigations in fields as diverse as eye lens research, the study of cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, and the study of oxidative stress in disease can now be carried out by spectroscopic means. The nine chapters in Biomedical Applications of Spectroscopy present an authoritative overview of the current status of the field, with each...

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Infrared Spectroscopy of Biomolecules

Date: Mar 27, 1996

Author: Henry H. Mantsch, Dennis Chapman

Infrared Spectroscopy of Biomolecules Edited by Henry H. Mantsch and Dennis Chapman Dramatic new advances in the application of infrared spectroscopy to biomolecules and instrumentation are revolutionizing this branch of molecular spectroscopy. Infrared Spectroscopy of Biomolecules provides an up-to-date, detailed look at the different spectroscopic techniques now available and offers a framework for progression in the field, including the evolution of Fourier transform methods, the development of...

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Photothermal Spectroscopy Methods for Chemical Analysis

Date: Feb 13, 1996

Author: Stephen E. Bialkowski

A unique guide to the application and theory of photothermal spectroscopy. This book debunks the myth that photothermal spectroscopy is too complicated for practical application to chemical analysis, and demonstrates the advantages this technique has over conventional spectroscopy in facilitating extremely sensitive measurements of optical absorption in homogeneous media. The book covers the subject from the ground up, lists all practical considerations needed to obtain accurate results, and provides a...

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Polymer Spectroscopy

Date: Dec 15, 1995

Author: Allan H. Fawcett

The manner in which polymers are linked, under certain conditions, forms the main focus of this work. Spectroscopy has, over the years, proved itself to be the technique in providing information at molecular levels for many polymer systems. This book provides an overview of the current state-of-the-art through contributions by world-renowned experts. Techniques covered include: ?1H and ?13C NMR; NMR Imaging, Solid State NMR, Infra Red and Raman spectroscopy, ESR, light and neutron scattering. The book will...

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Spectroscopic Methods for Determining Protein Structure in Solution

Date: Dec 4, 1995

Author: H. A. Havel

This book is concerned with applications of spectroscopic methods to determine protein structure in solution. The methods which are covered include virtually every method which involves the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with proteins in solution and the chapters are written by acknowledged experts from industry and academic institutions. The reader will be able to use this book to decide which spectroscopic techniques will be applicable to the problem he is faced with and be referred to the...

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Spectroscopy with Polarized Light: Solute Alignment by Photoselection, Liquid Crystal, Polymers, and Membranes Corrected Software Edition

Date: Sep 19, 1995

Author: Josef Michl, Erik W. Thulstrup

This book deals with polarized optical spectroscopy of partially oriented fluid or rigid solutions. Starting from elementary concepts and relying on numerous illustrations, it provides an introduction to those interested in the measurement of the anisotropy of molecular optical properties in the UV, visible or IR regions (one- and two- photon absorption, simultaneous or sequential, luminescence, Raman scattering, natural and magnetic potical activity), or in the determination of uniaxial order and...

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A Guide to the Complete Interpretation of Infrared Spectral of Organic Structures

Date: Jul 18, 1994

Author: Noël P.G. Roeges

The accurate interpretation of infrared spectra of organic structures is an extremely important tool for the analytical chemist. Using up-to-date source material, this volume presents a compilation of the infrared absorption regions of ninety of the most important organic molecular fragments. This highly practical guide introduces the reader to a straightforward technique for determining all the fundamental vibrations of a molecular fragment. The set of normal vibrations and the infrared absorption regions...

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