Cancer surgery led by hyperspectral imaging

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  • Published: Mar 12, 2015
  • Author: Steve Down
  • Channels: Proteomics / Chemometrics & Informatics / NMR Knowledge Base / Base Peak / UV/Vis Spectroscopy / Raman / Atomic / X-ray Spectrometry / Infrared Spectroscopy / MRI Spectroscopy

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The HELICoiD project which aims to deploy hyperspectral imaging in the operating theatre to help identify the boundaries of cancers recently held its first technical review meeting in Brussels.

A European collaborative project, HELICoiD (derived from HypErspectraL Imaging Cancer Detection) should improve the successful removal rate of tumours by identifying residual cancerous tissue during surgery. It will be particularly important in the treatment of brain tumours which look similar to healthy brain tissue as well as being able to accurately define the edge of the tumour so that no healthy brain tissue is lost.

It is the changes in the make up of the cells that will be detected by hyperspectral imaging. They will be used to derive a model of the spectral signature of the cancer which will help the surgeon in real time during the operation, providing a colour map that highlights the cancerous tissue.

The system is safe for the patient and uses non-ionising, non-contact hyperspectral images that will be built up across the tissue from a series of parallel scans. It will rival several other systems such as the iKnife, which uses mass spectrometry to analyse the smoke given off during laser surgery, and a method devised in the US that uses a fluorescent dye.

The project is on a tight schedule. The first HELICoiD prototype is already in a consortium of hospitals and is expected to generate several hyperspectral datasets. The project is due for completion in December 2016.


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