Methods in Biomedical MRI and Spectroscopy

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  • Published: Mar 1, 2014
  • Channels: MRI Spectroscopy / NMR Knowledge Base

Two Volume Set
Ian R. Young, Dave M. Grant, Robin K. Harris

Magnetic resonance imaging is a key analytical tool applied in medical diagnosis and is used to study the macroscopic distribution of materials such as are found in the human body. The technique is applied in medicine as well as in biological and pharmaceutical research.

This comprehensive two volume set covers the following main topics: Engineering Aspects of Whole Body MR; Physics and Techniques of MR Imaging; Methodology for MRI; Very High Resolution Imaging; Flow Phenomena Including Perfusion and Diffusion; Functional MRI; Relaxometry and Related Topics; Techniques for MRS; MR of Animal and Cell; MR of Head, Neck, and Spine; MR of the Pelvis, Abdomen and Thorax.

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