Magritek showcases new sample temperature control and 2D Inversion for their 2MHz NMR Rock Core Analyzer at SCA 2013

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  • Published: Sep 4, 2013
  • Source: Magritek
  • Channels: MRI Spectroscopy / NMR Knowledge Base
thumbnail image: Magritek showcases new sample temperature control and 2D Inversion for their 2MHz NMR Rock Core Analyzer at SCA 2013

Wellington, New Zealand. September 3, 2013.

Magritek, a leading provider of compact NMR and MRI instruments, will attend the Society of Core Analysts 2013 meeting to be held in the Napa Valley, September, 16-19.

The Society of Core Analysts (SCA) is a chapter-at-large of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA). The SCA symposium is a four day conference and exhibition, which, in 2013, arrives in the Napa Valley for its 27th year. The symposium features one workshop during the first day and a plenary technical session showcasing approximately 32 oral presentations and 28 posters. The annual symposium has a reputation for its high quality technical presentations in the area of Core Analysis, as well as for giving the main players in the industry the opportunity to showcase their latest technical innovations and offerings in equipment and services.

Magritek will be an active participant in the meeting where they will be showing their new core sample temperature control system, the STC5401. This is a cost-effective accessory to the Magritek 2MHz Rock Core Analyzer enabling accurate, stable control of sample temperature up to 80°C.

Magritek will also be demonstrating their new NMR Rock Core Analyzer software version 4.1. This update has a wide range of improvements for ease of use and data processing and includes 2D Inverse Laplace- optional with an extra license. Magritek recently licensed this advanced capability from Schlumberger Technology Corporation, enabling advanced 2D NMR analysis including methods such as fluid typing.

Describing their exhibition plans, Magritek's Head of Sales and Marketing, Dr. John Trail says "In addition to our new items we will be showing our standard strong suite of capabilities. Our high-resolution T2 measurements of tight cores using our short echo time P35 probe. With a minimum TE of 60 µs, the P35 can resolve T2 down to

Magritek's hardware and software are completely integrated. The software provides the optimal interface for all core analysis tasks with operation open and transparent to the user. For standard core analysis it provides a straightforward interface for making routine measurements. For the research user, the advanced mode provides complete flexibility with control of all parameters including the ability for users to write their own pulse sequences.

To obtain full details of the 2MHz NMR Rock Core Analyzer and the full range of analytical products from Magritek, visit,

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