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Regulatory control of energy drinks

thumbnail image: Regulatory control of energy drinks

Proton NMR spectroscopy has been used to measure several components of energy drinks, including caffeine and taurine, to check compliance with regulatory controls.

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interesting. I am curious about the potential of lc-ms methods for these compounds. Detection limits would be at least as good as the NMR technique described, and readily available to more laboratories.

FTIR for food bacteria diferentiation

thumbnail image: FTIR for food bacteria diferentiation

The bacteria which contribute to food spoilage can be identified by a high-throughput FTIR spectroscopic procedure that is amenable to automation and will be useful for the food industry.

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Altered brain metabolites in Parkinson's disease patients

thumbnail image: Altered brain metabolites in Parkinsons disease patients

Whole brain NMR spectroscopic imaging has revealed altered levels of certain metabolites in the brains of patients with Parkinson's disease, with increased amounts of creatine particularly notable.

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From formamide to nucleobases by meteorite impacts

thumbnail image: From formamide to nucleobases by meteorite impacts

Laser sparking of melted formamide ice in the presence of FeNi meteorite material produces two nitrogen-containing products from which it is possible to form diaminomaleonitrile, a compound thought to play a key role in the synthesis of nucleobases.

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Global bioinformatics market to quadruple in size

thumbnail image: Global bioinformatics market to quadruple in size

According to a new report, the global bioinformatics market will almost quadruple in size over the next six years.

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Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry: Free ebook

thumbnail image: Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry Free ebook

A new ebook entitiled "Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry - The Next 5 Years" is available for free download.

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NYGC appoints new president

thumbnail image: NYGC appoints new president

The New York Genome Center (NYGC) has appointed Robert Darnell, one of the world's leading experts in the field of RNA genomics, as its president and scientific director.

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Memory stick spectrometer

thumbnail image: Memory stick spectrometer

US company Pembroke Instruments has developed an optical spectrometer the size and shape of a USB memory stick.

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Bioinformatics 2013

thumbnail image: Bioinformatics 2013

Bioinformatics 2013, the international conference on bioinformatics models, methods and algorithms, will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on 11–14 February 2013.

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New forensic science institute

thumbnail image: New forensic science institute

The University of Leicester in the UK has opened the Alec Jeffreys Forensic Science Institute.

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