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UCSF builds new $20 million hub for global health

thumbnail image: UCSF builds new 20 million hub for global health

With a US$20 million gift from the philanthropist Chuck Feeney, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), will build a new hub for global health sciences at its Mission Bay campus.

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Top pharma places to work

thumbnail image: Top pharma places to work

The US company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals tops this year's Science Careers Top Employers Survey, which identifies those life science companies considered to be the top employers in the industry.

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Stacked graphene layers respond differently to heating

thumbnail image: Stacked graphene layers respond differently to heating

The upper layer of graphene in a bilayer assembly behaves differently upon heating to the lower layer as revealed by Raman spectroscopy.

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Cannabis identified ambiently

thumbnail image: Cannabis identified ambiently

Cannabis has been identified by direct analysis of the plant material using an ambient mass spectrometry technique which can distinguish between active and inactive components.

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Non-invasive diagnosis of melanoma

thumbnail image: Non-invasive diagnosis of melanoma

Melanomas have been diagnosed with high sensitivity and specificity by a non-invasive procedure involving NIR and skin impedance spectroscopy.

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Learn how to drive Curiosity on Mars

thumbnail image: Learn how to drive Curiosity on Mars

The Royal Society of Chemistry is offering an insight into what it's like to drive Nasa's Curiosity Mars rover, by hosting a live online question-and-answer session with rover driver Paolo Bellutta on Friday 7 September at 16:00BST.

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Fingerprints yield gender of suspects

thumbnail image: Fingerprints yield gender of suspects

The peptides and proteins left behind in latent fingerprints can be analysed by a mass spectrometric imaging technique to predict the gender of the suspect.

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No more queues for LC/MS

thumbnail image: No more queues for LCMS

A team of scientists has optimised an LC/MS system to make full use of the mass spectrometer when connected to any number of LC units, using a unique parallel staggering setup.

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Boron NMR without a background

thumbnail image: Boron NMR without a background

Measuring boron-10 in the NMR spectra of solutions of boron compounds eliminates the troublesome background signals that are associated with boron-11.

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Blood markers for Alzheimer's disease

thumbnail image: Blood markers for Alzheimers disease

A series of proteins in blood could form the basis of a test for Alzheimer's disease in the future.

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