Drug Testing and Analysis Special Issue: Advancing supplement science - challenges and solutions

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  • Published: Jul 6, 2016
  • Author: spectroscopyNOW
  • Channels: HPLC / Gas Chromatography / Base Peak
thumbnail image: <I>Drug Testing and Analysis</I> Special Issue: Advancing supplement science - challenges and solutions

Drug Testing and Analysis, 2016, 8, 263–433
Pieter A. Cohen, Bastiaan J. Venhuis and Simon D. Brandt (eds)

Easy access to and worldwide growth of supplement use, such as for dietary and health improvement, and performance enhancing, presents many questions on their safety and efficacy. Scientists, clinicians, regulators and industry experts provide important contributions in the field.

Pills, powders, and elixirs sold to improve health and enhance per-formance have never been as widely accessible as they are today. A global market of prescription medications flourishes online, thousands of medications are available over-the-counter, and illicit markets for performance-enhancing drugs exist worldwide. The extensive access to pharmacologically active substances sold to enhance health poses tremendous challenges to scientists, regulators,and consumers attempting to understand the safety and efficacy ofthese myriad products. One of the most controversial and challenging categories is known as ‘dietary supplements’ in the United States and ‘food supplements’ in the European Union.

This issue of Drug Testing and Analysis provides scientists, clinicians, regulators, and industry experts with important contributions in the field of dietary supplements. While it contributes to a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities, the hard work of translating these findings into effective policy to ensure the safety of supplements worldwide has just begun.

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