GC/MS/MS: Five Reasons to Upgrade from GC/MS

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  • Date: Feb 24, 2010 - 15:00 - 16:00 (local time)
  • Categories: Gas Chromatography / Base Peak / Atomic
thumbnail image: GC/MS/MS: Five Reasons to Upgrade from GC/MS

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Clearly Better Mass SpecGC/MS/MS:
Five Reasons to Upgrade from GC/MS

This webinar was broadcast on February 24, 2010

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International regulations for Food Safety have driven an increased use of GC/MS/MS for trace level pesticide residue analysis. Other specialty applications such as nitrosamines (environmental; drinking water) and THC-COOH (toxicology; hair) have also drawn attention to the selectivity and consistent sensitivity of this technique. These success stories have caused routine users of GC/MS to evaluate the benefits of MS/MS. A switch to MS/MS changes the instrument method and increases the instrument purchase price, so it is fairly common to hear questions such as:

  • What tools are available to help me optimize the new MS/MS method?
  • What advantage would MS/MS have as a replacement for my SIM method?
  • Can I offset the price of MS/MS by reducing other operational costs?
  • Is it true that MS/MS selectivity might allow me to simplify my sample prep?
  • Will MS/MS sensitivity allow me to reduce the amount injected on column?
  • Will the precision of MS/MS be as good as my SIM methods?
  • Can MS/MS accelerate data review and reporting?

Please join us to learn the technical and practical benefits of GC/MS/MS. You might realize that there are more than five reasons to adopt the power of quadrupole MS/MS.

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Terry Sheehan Terry Sheehan

Senior Product Manager
Agilent Technologies
Anthony Gray Anthony Gray

Software Product Manager
Agilent Technologies


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