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Mass spec finds bute in horsemeat

thumbnail image: Mass spec finds bute in horsemeat

The tests conducted in the UK that uncovered the presence of the veterinary drug phenylbutazone (bute) in horsemeat were carried out by LC/MS/MS.

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Tomato quality assurance

thumbnail image: Tomato quality assurance

Several quality parameters of processing tomatoes can be measured by FTIR spectroscopy on a handheld instrument, providing flexible on-site testing.

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SERS swabs and dipsticks from inkjet-printed paper

thumbnail image: SERS swabs and dipsticks from inkjet-printed paper

SERS-active paper swabs and dipsticks have been produced by inkjet printing for the cheap and simple on-site sampling of liquids and surfaces in a variety of settings, including forensics and homeland security.

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Automated protein conformation studies

thumbnail image: Automated protein conformation studies

An automated system for taking circular dichroism measurements of protein conformation has been developed by European scientists, freeing operator time and accelerating analysis.

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Carbon nanotube mixture characterisation

thumbnail image: Carbon nanotube mixture characterisation

Single-walled carbon nanotubes have been detected and measured in mixtures with multiwalled carbon nanotubes using a portable Raman spectrometer.

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Illegal drug chemicals identified by X-rays

thumbnail image: Illegal drug chemicals identified by X-rays

The liquid chemicals used to make illegal drugs like amphetamines and to process heroin and cocaine can be identified by X-ray scattering, say Chinese researchers, providing a non-contact, non-destructive test.

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Tissue scaffold monitoring with UV probe

thumbnail image: Tissue scaffold monitoring with UV probe

The degradation of a chitosan scaffold used in tissue engineering can be monitored in situ and in real time using a fluorescent probe which is attached to chitosan before surgery and monitored afterwards.

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Sexual arousal modifies brain metabolites

thumbnail image: Sexual arousal modifies brain metabolites

The levels of several metabolites in the female brain are altered during sexual stimulation induced by watching erotic video clips, a functional MRI study has revealed.

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Stretching the LIMS

thumbnail image: Stretching the LIMS

An article in the latest issue of The Scientist Magazine provides an overview of how scientists are using the latest laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

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Prebiotic reactions on minerals

thumbnail image: Prebiotic reactions on minerals

Model prebiotic reactions of formamide on granite have been followed by DESI MS imaging, showing that purine and pyrimidine nucleosides can be detected and that the mineral plays a catalytic role.

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