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MALDI MS: A Practical Guide to Instrumentation, Methods and Applications, 2nd Edition

Date: Nov 13, 2013

Author: Franz Hillenkamp, Jasna Peter-Katalinic

This authoritative book on MALDI MS, now finally available in its second edition and edited by one of its inventors, gives an in-depth description of the many different applications, along with a detailed discussion of the technology itself. Thoroughly updated and expanded, with contributions from key players in the field, this unique book provides a comprehensive overview of MALDI MS along with its possibilities and limitations. The initial chapters deal with the technology and the instrumental setup,...

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Heterogeneous Catalysts for Clean Technology: Spectroscopy, Design, and Monitoring

Date: Oct 23, 2013

Author: Karen Wilson, Adam F. Lee

This ready reference and handbook is the first to combine the hot topics of heterogeneous catalysis and clean technology in a single volume. As such, it focuses on the development of heterogeneous catalysts for use in clean chemical synthesis, dealing with how modern spectroscopic techniques can aid the design of catalysts for use in liquid phase reactions, their application in industrially important chemistries -- including selective oxidation, hydrogenation, solid acid and base catalyzed processes ? as...

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Handbook of LC-MS Bioanalysis: Best Practices, Experimental Protocols, and Regulations

Date: Oct 18, 2013

Author: Wenkui Li, Jie Zhang, Francis L. S. Tse

Consolidates the information LC-MS bioanalytical scientists need to analyze small molecules and macromolecules The field of bioanalysis has advanced rapidly, propelled by new approaches for developing bioanalytical methods, new liquid chromatographic (LC) techniques, and new mass spectrometric (MS) instruments. Moreover, there are a host of guidelines and regulations designed to ensure the quality of bioanalytical results. Presenting the best practices, experimental protocols, and the latest...

Read More thumbnail image: Handbook of LC-MS Bioanalysis Best Practices Experimental Protocols and Regulations

NIST / EPA / NIH MS / MS Mass Spectral Library 2012

Date: Sep 30, 2013

Author: NIST

This DVD contains the NIST/EPA/NIH MS/MS Mass spectral library in the following data formats: ACD/Labs ND9 NIST MS Search (NIST format, compatible with Bruker/Varian, DANI, Jeol, Leco, and Thermo systems) AB/Sciex Library View MSforID System Requirements/Recommendations: Operating System: Microsoft Windows (XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7 SP1, or 8). Windows editions no longer under MS extended support are not officially supported by Wiley. Web Browser: Internet Explorer (recommended 8 or later) Memory: 2GB or...

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Trace Analysis of Specialty and Electronic Gases

Date: Sep 10, 2013

Author: William M. Geiger, Mark W. Raynor

Explores the latest advances and applications of specialty and electronic gas analysis The semiconductor industry depends upon a broad range of instrumental techniques in order to detect and analyze impurities that may be present in specialty and electronic gases, including permanent gases, water vapor, reaction by-products, and metal species. Trace Analysis of Specialty and Electronic Gases draws together all the latest advances in analytical chemistry, providing researchers with both the theory and...

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Basics of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Equilibria

Date: Aug 2, 2013

Author: Brian M. Tissue

Enables students to progressively build and apply new skills and knowledge Designed to be completed in one semester, this text enables students to fully grasp and apply the core concepts of analytical chemistry and aqueous chemical equilibria. Moreover, the text enables readers to master common instrumental methods to perform a broad range of quantitative analyses. Author Brian Tissue has written and structured the text so that readers progressively build their knowledge, beginning with the most...

Read More thumbnail image: Basics of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Equilibria

Cluster Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: Principles and Applications

Date: Jul 19, 2013

Author: Christine M. Mahoney

Explores the impact of the latest breakthroughs in cluster SIMS technology Cluster secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) is a high spatial resolution imaging mass spectrometry technique, which can be used to characterize the three-dimensional chemical structure in complex organic and molecular systems. It works by using a cluster ion source to sputter desorb material from a solid sample surface. Prior to the advent of the cluster source, SIMS was severely limited in its ability to characterize soft...

Read More thumbnail image: Cluster Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Principles and Applications

Proteomic Applications in Cancer Detection and Discovery

Date: Jul 19, 2013

Author: Timothy D. Veenstra

Helps researchers in proteomics and oncology work together to understand, prevent, and cure cancer Proteomic data is increasingly important to understanding the origin and progression of cancer; however, most oncologic researchers who depend on proteomics for their studies do not collect the data themselves. As a result, there is a knowledge gap between scientists, who devise proteomic techniques and collect the data, and the oncologic researchers, who are expected to interpret and apply proteomic data....

Read More thumbnail image: Proteomic Applications in Cancer Detection and Discovery

The Forensic Examination and Interpretation of Tool Marks

Date: Jul 19, 2013

Author: David Baldwin, John Birkett, Owen Facey, Gilleon Rabey

Forensic Tool Mark Investigation: An introduction brings together the latest techniques and developments in the field and explains clearly how tool mark analysis can be used within forensic investigation.   Over the past twenty years the subject of tool marks in forensic science has experienced enormous development. Techniques used for examination have improved, understanding of the results obtained have increased dramatically and the range of marks that can be examined has expanded. The purpose of...

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Wiley Registry 10th Edition / NIST 2012 Mass Spectral Library

Date: Jun 25, 2013

Author: Wiley

Analytical laboratories face increasingly diverse demands – ranging from identification of general unknowns to single ion monitoring. One of the most demanding tasks is general unknown identification and deformulation from a variety of sources, including in vivo. Single ion monitoring or even specialized library searches leaves out some or all of the compounds present.The Wiley Registry/NIST is consistently the single most important tool for the identification of global unknowns available to the...

Read More thumbnail image: Wiley Registry 10th Edition  NIST 2012 Mass Spectral Library
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