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A Primer on LC/NMR/MS

Date: Feb 15, 2014

In this primer, Steve Down provides a detailed look at how these analytical techniques have been coupled together to provide an extremely powerful bioanalytical tool.

Read More thumbnail image: A Primer on LCNMRMS

Watson & Sparkman, Introduction to Mass Spectrometry: Supplementary Files

Date: Feb 1, 2014

Author: O. David Sparkman / J. Throck Watson

This page gives access to the Instructor's Support files, PowerPoint files containing high quality versions of all the figures and EXE animation files.

Read More thumbnail image: Watson  Sparkman Introduction to Mass Spectrometry Supplementary Files

Atmospheric Pressure Ionisation of Small Molecules

Date: Jan 15, 2014

Author: Tony Mallet

Since the early 1980s many different and ingenious attempts have been made to achieve reliable and sensitive ionisation at atmospheric pressure in order to provide mass spectrometric data from molecules which were too involatile and thermally unstable to be submitted to probe or GC analysis. This article will address the application of ESI, ApCI and, to a lesser extent, the recent development of photoionisation (APPI), and direct desorption spray ionisation methods, as they are applied to small molecule...

Read More thumbnail image: Atmospheric Pressure Ionisation of Small Molecules

Proteomics Glossary

Date: Jan 14, 2014

A glossary of common terms in proteomics, reproduced with the permission of Cambridge Healthtech Institute

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Proteomics: the move to mixtures

Date: Jan 10, 2014

This special feature paper, published in the Journal of Mass Spectrometry, highlights the benefits of using LC/MS/MS methods in proteome analysis in favour of the traditional 2DE/MS technique.

Read More thumbnail image: Proteomics the move to mixtures

Mass Spectrometry Glossary of Terms

Date: Jan 8, 2014

A list of some of the most common terms and abbreviations used in mass spectrometry, compiled by Professor Anthony Mallet, University of Greenwich, London

Read More thumbnail image: Mass Spectrometry Glossary of Terms
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