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The application of spectroscopy in proteomics

Techniques include LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, MALDI-TOF-MS and metabolomics.

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Last Month's Most Accessed Feature: Forensic body fluids: Protein biomarkers

Biological stains such as urine, saliva and seminal fluid can be distinguished from each other using panels of unique protein biomarkers, offering a reliable way to assign the origin of a DNA profile in forensic cases, say researchers in the USA.

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2017 Free Sample Issues of Key Analytical Science Journals

The 2017 free sample issues of all our Analytical Chemistry journals are now available!

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2017 Edition of Mass Spectra of Designer Drugs

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Available now from Wiley and Wiley-VCH, the 2017 edition of Mass Spectra of Designer Drugs

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A systematic review of published reports on proteomic biomarkers identified in systemic lupus erythematosus patients using mass spectrometry-based proteomics has been conducted, highlighting their potential disease association and clinical utility.

Morphine addiction: Enzyme activity

Steve Down

May 16, 2017

thumbnail image: Morphine addiction Enzyme activity

Polish scientists have measured the activities of four enzymes in the brain implicated in the mechanism of morphine addiction in the search for therapeutic targets which do not produce the serious side effects during pain treatment.

A large-scale study of older men in the US has identified a number of proteins in serum that are good candidates for biomarkers of future hip bone loss and fracture by correlation with the bone mineral density measurements.

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Selected key technologies of the analytical science industry are discussed by Steve Down with reference to burgeoning application areas and the scope for future improvements.

We are proud to announce a new series of educational webinars run in collaboration with Chromedia, COAST, and SciMind, a product of the American Chemical Society. These webinars will build into a must-have set of tutorial materials for the analytical scientist.

In this free chapter from "Protein Microarray Technology" Dev Kambhampati focuses on the driving forces that are causing a revolution in the field of protein biomolecular interactions and the corresponding microarray screening tools that are used for extracting their expression behavior.

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Radiation and Health is a specialty section of Frontiers in Public Health.

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Waters Empower Cloud

Date: Mar 8, 2017

Thomas Tucker from Waters Corporation discusses Empower Cloud, a cloud deployable, compliance ready enterprise Chromatography Data Software (CDS).

thumbnail image: Waters Empower Cloud
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