8th MSBM Summer School in Dubrovnik

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  • Published: Mar 25, 2014
  • Author: Steve Down
  • Channels: Proteomics / Base Peak
thumbnail image: 8th MSBM Summer School in Dubrovnik

The 8th Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology & Medicine Summer School will take place on July 6-12, 2014 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The organisers have gathered together a panel of 16 lecturers who will "focus on teaching and discussing modern knowledge in mass spectrometry to advanced graduate students, post-­docs and scientists in the area of biochemistry, biology, molecular biology, biotechnology and medicine."

The program will include:

  • Introduction to biological molecules - structure/function review of lipids, glycolipids, carbohydrates, peptides/proteins, DNA/RNA
  • Fundamentals of mass spectra: base peak, resolution calculations, ppm calculations etc.
  • Ionisation fundamentals (MALDI and ESI)
  • Mass analysers: quads, traps, TOF, ICR, combos
  • Separation strategies: LC, CE, HILIC, fractionation (e.g. SDS-PAGE and TLC)
  • Fragmentation mechanisms: high and low energy CID, ECD/ETD, IRMPD
  • Interpretation of peptide tandem mass spectra including basics of database search
  • Quantitative analysis - relative and absolute

It will be interspersed with short presentations from the participants.

Registration is now open and there are early bird discounts until May 1.

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