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New forensic science institute

thumbnail image: New forensic science institute

The University of Leicester in the UK has opened the Alec Jeffreys Forensic Science Institute.

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New statistics website

thumbnail image: New statistics website

Wiley has launched a new website called StatisticsViews.com, which it hopes will become the first place to go for any information related to statistical research.

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Animal doping event

thumbnail image: Animal doping event

The biotechnology group of the UK Society of Chemical Industry is holding a free event entitled 'New Challenges and Approaches to Drug Detection in Animal Sport' at the University of Westminster, London, on Friday 7 December.

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Compound conundrum #2 - and the answer!

thumbnail image: Compound conundrum 2 - and the answer

In the second of this occasional series, can you work out the trivial name of this compound?

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Alkaloid acts as luminescent DNA probe in living cells

thumbnail image: Alkaloid acts as luminescent DNA probe in living cells

An alkaloid isolated from a Himalayan herb emits red fluorescence in the presence of double-stranded DNA but blue emsission in its absence and can be used as a dye to measure DNA in living cells.

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DMAA controversy continues

thumbnail image: DMAA controversy continues

The controversy over the presence of 1,3- and 1,4-DMAA in geranium plants and their addition to sports supplements has been extended by a new study that found both compounds in geraniums from China.

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Yellow toner links counterfeit banknotes

thumbnail image: Yellow toner links counterfeit banknotes

Croation scientists have shown that counterfeit banknotes can be linked by the Raman spectra of the yellow toner in the printing inks.

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Crude oil properties predicted by NMR

thumbnail image: Crude oil properties predicted by NMR

NMR spectroscopy supported by multivariate analysis has been used to predict the physical and chemical properties of crude oil in a rapid alternative to current time consuming lab methods.

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IR in reading study will help assess dyslexia

thumbnail image: IR in reading study will help assess dyslexia

Near-IR spectroscopy has been used to follow brain activity during reading tests by monitoring changes in levels of oxy- and deoxyhaemoglobin, in a process which could be applied to speech therapy and in the assessment of dyslexia.

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Burden of the body packer

thumbnail image: Burden of the body packer

The levels of amphetamines in the body fluids of three drug mules have been measured and correlated with the condition of the drug packaging in their bodies.

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