UV-Vis and Fluorescence Spectrophotometers Now Offered Through Eastern Applied Research

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  • Published: Oct 9, 2017
  • Source: Eastern Applied Research Inc.
  • Channels: UV/Vis Spectroscopy / X-ray Spectrometry
thumbnail image: UV-Vis and Fluorescence Spectrophotometers Now Offered Through Eastern Applied Research

October 2017. Buffalo, NY.

Eastern Applied Research Inc is pleased to be announced as a distributor of UV/Visible and Fluorescence Spectrophotometers from Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation. The complete line of Hitachi Spectrophotometers, with capabilities fit for teaching environments to research grade requirements, will be available throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Already a distributor and service provider of the popular Hitachi line of x-ray fluorescence (XRF), Eastern Applied knows the quality of Hitachi analytical equipment and that quality extends to the line of spectrophotometers - with many current spectroscopy systems in operation for 15-20 years. Popular spectrophotometers include the double beam UV/Vis U-2900/2910 which can operate as a stand-alone system or through a PC and the evolution of their Fluorescence offerings in the F7100, which offers a 'best in class' signal to noise ratio.

Historically focused on X-Ray Fluorescence sales and service, spectrophotometer sales are new to Eastern Applied Research but are a logical addition. “We were interested in expanding our product offerings and adding the Hitachi UV/Vis and Fluorescence spectroscopy systems does that," notes Shawn Kramer, CEO of Eastern Applied Research, Inc. “Many of our current XRF clients will have a potential use for these systems but it also opens us up to new opportunities - and with a reliable system like Hitachi, we are excited about those opportunities.”

In addition to sales/support of the Hitachi High-Tech line of ED-XRF analyzers for coating thickness and elemental analysis, Eastern Applied provides support services for major XRF models including certified reference materials (CRM's) from an Accredited in-house XRF standards laboratory. Information on the spectrophotometers is available at www.easternapplied.com/spectrophotometers-hitachi.

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