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13C NMR of Organic Compounds 2014 2e

Date: May 13, 2015

Author: Wolfgang Robien

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Mass Spectra of Designer Drugs 2015

Date: May 13, 2015

Author: Peter Rosner

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1H NMR of Organic Compounds 2014

Date: May 13, 2015

Author: Alexander Yarkov

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1HNMR of Organic Compounds Vol.3 (SpecInfo)

Date: May 13, 2015

Author: Alexander Yarkov

The collection contains 22,503 unreduced HNMR spectra of organic compounds and chemical structures. The data resulted from quality control in combinatorial synthesis and cover a wide range of compound classes. The chemical shifts of the spectra are assigned to the corresponding atoms in the chemical structures. This is the basis of a powerful spectrumprediction tool. The magnetic field strength is 300 - 500 MHz. Additional information: * Chemical name * Molecular formula * Molecular weight * Literature...

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Biomarker Validation: Technological, Clinical and Commercial Aspects

Date: Apr 15, 2015

Author: Harald Seitz, Sarah Schumacher

Built on a decade of experience with novel molecular diagnostics, this practice-oriented guide shows how to cope with validation issues during all stages of biomarker development, from the first clinical studies to the eventual commercialization of a new diagnostic test.

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Biomedical Image Understanding: Methods and Applications

Date: Apr 3, 2015

Author: Joo-Hwee Lim, Sim-Heng Ong, Wei Xiong

A comprehensive guide to understanding and interpreting digital images in medical and functional applications Biomedical Image Understanding focuses on image understanding and semantic interpretation, with clear introductions to related concepts, in-depth theoretical analysis, and detailed descriptions of important biomedical applications. It covers image processing, image filtering, enhancement, de-noising, restoration, and reconstruction; image segmentation and feature extraction; registration;...

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Mass Spectra of Designer Drugs 2015

Date: Mar 18, 2015

Author: Peter Rosner

Compounds classifed as "Designer Drugs" have been synthesized for several decades. This is not a precise scientific term and should only be applied to those drugs that are synthesized from common chemicals and skillfully marketed under attractive, exotic names, often to skirt existing laws.Because many designer drugs are novel or designed to evade detection, they can be overlooked or difficult to detect or characterize. The last two decades have seen a proliferation of such substances, such that keeping...

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Handbook of GC / MS: Fundamentals and Applications, 3rd Edition

Date: Feb 11, 2015

Author: Hans-Joachim Hubschmann

The only comprehensive reference on this popular and rapidly developing technique provides a detailed overview, ranging from fundamentals to applications, including a section on the evaluation of GC-MS analyses. As such, it covers all aspects, including the theory and principles, as well as a broad range of real-life examples taken from laboratories in environmental, food, pharmaceutical and clinical analysis. It also features a glossary of approximately 300 terms and a substance index that facilitates...

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Structure Elucidation in Organic Chemistry

Date: Jan 28, 2015

Author: Maria-Magdalena Cid, Jorge Bravo

Intended for advanced readers, this is a review of all relevant techniques for structure analysis in one handy volume. As such, it provides the latest knowledge on spectroscopic and related techniques for chemical structure analysis, such as NMR, optical spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and X-ray crystallography, including the scope and limitation of each method. As a result, readers not only become acquainted with the techniques, but also the advantages of the synergy between them. This enables them to...

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Handbook of Petroleum Product Analysis, 2nd Edition

Date: Jan 16, 2015

Author: James G. Speight

Introduces the reader to the production of the products in a refinery • Introduces the reader to the types of test methods applied to petroleum products, including the need for specifications • Provides detailed explanations for accurately analyzing and characterizing modern petroleum products • Rewritten to include new and evolving test methods • Updates on the evolving test methods and new test methods as well as the various environmental regulations...

Read More thumbnail image: Handbook of Petroleum Product Analysis 2nd Edition
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