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Quality in the Laboratory

Quality is of extreme importance for labs. However, it is often seen as the responsibility of the quality manager and its importance and impact on your own work is not always well understood. In this webinar, Peter Kootstra will reinforce how quality can improve your performance and your work satisfaction.

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Easy and Rapid Analysis of Antibody Drug Conjugates and Highly Hydrophobic Proteins

Automated methods for charge heterogeneity detection such as imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (icIEF) have been widely adopted by the biopharma industry. These techniques provide rapid high resolution charge variant separation with easy method development and minimal start up time. This webinar will provide an overview of the iCE technology and its applications.

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Compound Search

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Two seconds here could save you months in the lab by using Wiley's Compound Search tool. Check the database coverage now... it's free!         We understand that you don't have time to wade through thousands of results. Compound Search's sole purpose is to tell you whether a compound appears in a specific database so that you'll know whether that database meets your needs. To speed this up, we provide exact structure matches only. Compound Search enables users to perform...

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An iterative k-t principal component analysis algorithm with nonrigid frame-to-frame motion correction has been proposed for dynamic contrast-enhanced three-dimensional perfusion imaging.

The amount of trypsin used in typical in-gel digestion procedures can be reduced ten-fold at least, without any loss of performance. In fact, some aspects are improved, such as a reduction in the number of trypsin autolysis products and a notable increase in the number of proteins identified in complex samples.

22 Cigarette toxins which are normally measured by different assays have been determined in one automated procedure using a smoking machine and gas sampling bags for SPME-GC/MS, which will allow the exposure conditions of different brands to be compared.

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Data analysis is a vital part of science today, and in assessing quality, multivariate analysis is often necessary in order to avoid loss of essential information.

The emphasis of this book is on understanding the principles and applications behind the main ideas in chemometrics, which can then be applied to a wide variety of problems in chemistry, chemical engineering and allied disciplines.

Factor analysis is a mathematical tool for examining a wide range of data sets, with applications especially important to the design of experiments (DOE), spectroscopy, chromatography, and chemometrics. In this free chapter from "Factor Analysis in Chemistry" Edmund Malinowski introduces the technique, declaring that "every problem has a solution"!

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Radiation and Health is a specialty section of Frontiers in Public Health.

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Effective use of novel data independent analysis methods to obtain comprehensive and reproducible characterization of a biological pathway

Date: Sep 16, 2014 - 15:00

Data Independent Analysis (DIA) bridges protein identification and targeted quantitation by acting as a screening technique to rapidly and thoroughly survey a sample and direct future targeted analysis. DIA creates a comprehensive record of a sample by sequentially scanning all ions across a wide mass-to-charge range ensuring that all detectable parent ions and fragments are examined. In this webinar, we will cover building high performance methods, generating a high quality spectral library and using it...

thumbnail image: Effective use of novel data independent analysis methods to obtain comprehensive and reproducible characterization of a biological pathway
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Basic Concepts of X-Ray Diffraction

Emil Zolotoyabko

Mar 5, 2014

thumbnail image: Basic Concepts of X-Ray Diffraction

Practical Raman Spectroscopy: An Introduction

Peter Vandenabeele

Aug 2, 2013

thumbnail image: Practical Raman Spectroscopy An Introduction
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Asses and beans

Steve Down

Aug 13, 2014

I came across a common typo recently, steriods, and was reminded of some of the typing errors I had seen in papers over the years.

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Thermo Scientific launches 'game-changing' Vanquish UHPLC system

Date: Jul 15, 2014

Fraser McLeod, Vice President & General Manager for HPLC at Thermo Fisher Scientific talks exclusively to about the game-changing Vanquish UHPLC system.

thumbnail image: Thermo Scientific launches 'game-changing' Vanquish UHPLC system
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