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Pushing the Boundaries of Protein Identification

Peptide identification rates and protein sequence coverage have historically advanced in line with improvements to the detection limits and spectral acquisition rate of the mass spectrometer. This webinar will demonstrate the advantages of using a novel Orbitrap mass spectrometer to dramatically improve spectral acquisition rates through massive parallelization of the acquisition process to enhance proteome coverage and general experimental throughput.

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On-demand Webinar: Advances in Quantitative Proteomics

Quantitative proteomics studies are challenging as high sensitivity and a high degree of selectivity are required to analyze large peptide sets in one single experiment. Dr. Bruno Domon discusses the principle of quantification using high-resolution/accurate mass in the context of proteomics experiments.

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Four proteins found in the serum of dogs with breast cancer have been reported to produce an autoantibody response on human breast cancer, strengthening the case for using the canine breast cancer as a model for the human form.

A quantitative analysis of eight polyamines in lung cancer patient fingernails for diagnosis and to assess the depth of the disease was conducted by LC/MS/MS following reaction with 4-(N,N-dimethylaminosulfonyl)-7-fluoro-2,1,3-benzoxadiazole.

A multi-technique approach, including X-ray fluorescence, was used to characterize a group of decorative stones and to distinguish rocks used in historical constructions and sculptures with similar aspects but coming from different areas.

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Paola Dugo and Peter Q. Tranchida discuss food analysis in general, as well as the modern techniques needed to overcome the current-day analytical challenges.

A must for fluorescence users or students of molecular spectroscopy!

Professor Mario Thevis discusses the fundamentals of sports drug testing. A selection of compounds, new challenges, and methods currently employed in doping control laboratories are discussed.

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The Journal of Mass Spectrometry (JMS) publishes papers on a broad range of topics of interest to scientists working in both fundamental and applied areas involving the study of gaseous ions.

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Natural remedies dosed with Viagra analogue

Steve Down

Mar 28, 2014

A new strategy for detecting synthetic adulterants in natural remedies has been demonstrated by the detection of a Viagra analogue in a well-known health food.

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Pittcon 2014 Editors' Bronze Award – AB SCIEX

Date: Mar 10, 2014

Eileen Skelly Frame from Instrument News talks with Edna Betgovarges from AB SCIEX, about their CESI 8000 High Performance Separation-ESI Module which won this year's Pittcon Editors' Award Bronze Medal.

thumbnail image: Pittcon 2014 Editors' Bronze Award – AB SCIEX
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