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Techniques and Tools for Trace Metals and Nutritional Food Analysis

With global concerns about food quality and food safety continuing to garner attention, it is important for both manufacturers and regulatory bodies to have robust analytical instrumentation and methods to ensure accurate and precise results. For the measurement of inorganic elements and nutrients, sample preparation can be of critical importance to the quality of the analysis. Here we discuss the process of sample preparation and analysis, tools and techniques for the measurement of inorganic elements in...

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Innovative approaches to improve performance and productivity of PerkinElmer ICP-OES and ICP-MS systems

This presentation outlines how some innovative Agilent products can help improve the performance and productivity of PerkinElmer ICP-OES and ICP-MS systems. We’ll illustrate the performance advantages by comparing performance indicators such as Limit of Detection, wash-out and memory effects, and sample to sample analysis times.

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Wiley Spectra Lab:
The World's Largest Spectral Database

thumbnail image: <font size=3>Wiley Spectra Lab:</font><br/>The World's Largest Spectral Database

Wiley Spectra Lab is an expert spectral data system that uses empirical spectral data and advanced software to help chemists, toxicologists, and life scientists confidently identify chemical substances. Powered by the KnowItAll® analytical platform by Bio-Rad, Wiley Spectra Lab provides researchers with access to 2.2 million MS, NMR, and IR spectra – the broadest and largest collection in the world.

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A new quantitative method of analysing the biodiesel in a diesel-biodiesel blend using proton nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy has been developed by researchers in Brazil. The resulting spectra are subjected to a univariate calibration in which the integrals of the spectra are considered. Statistical comparison with infrared (IR) spectra corroborate the findings.

Pre-concentrated silver: FAAS analysis

David Bradley

Apr 15, 2017

thumbnail image: Pre-concentrated silver FAAS analysis

Researchers in China have used a cloud point extraction (CPE) method to pre-concentrate trace levels of silver present in water samples for subsequent flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) analysis.

The Ghent Altarpiece was a family affair painted around 1432 by Flemish/Early Netherlandish artist Jan van Eyck and according to art historians probably his brother Hubert. Now, chemical imaging based on element-specific X-ray analysis of a large area of the work has revealed the original paint layers and assisted in cleanup and conservation.

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Written specially for by Prof Javier Laserna at the University of Málaga.

Professor Tony Mallet of the University of Greenwich presents an essay on elemental compositions from 'accurate mass' determinations.

See how you can determine the emission spectra of hydrogen and other elements with a diffraction grating, a meterstick, and a little trigonometry.

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X-Ray Spectrometry is devoted to the rapid publication of papers dealing with the theory and application of x-ray spectrometry using electron, x-ray photon, proton, γ and γ-x sources.

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Singapore’s BTI joins Waters’ innovation program

Feb 28, 2017

Waters Corporation has welcomed the Bioprocessing Technology Institute, a research institute under Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), into its Centers of Innovation Program.

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New Thermo Fisher Products at Pittcon 2017

Date: Mar 8, 2017

Scot Ellis, Marketing Manager, Molecular Spectroscopy at Thermo Fisher discusses the new Raman iXR spectrometer and the Nicolet iN 5 FTIR microscope.

thumbnail image: New Thermo Fisher Products at Pittcon 2017
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