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Thermo Fisher launches new GC-MS system

Channel(s): Gas Chromatography / Food quality analysis / Industrial GC / GC-MS / Forensics/drug testing / Environmental analysis / Base Peak / GC-MS / Forensics/drug testing / Food quality analysis / Environmental analysis / QTOF

Type: News

New Tribrid Mass Spectrometer Delivers New Levels of Power and Performance for Protein and Small Molecule Characterization

Channel(s): Other proteomics & genomics applications / HPLC / Metabolomics / Proteomics & Genomics / Proteomics / Base Peak / Proteins

Type: News

Comprehensive Characterization of Proteins using a Novel Orbitrap Tribrid Mass Spectrometer – The Game Changer for PTM Analysis

Channel(s): Proteomics & Genomics / Proteomics / Base Peak

Type: Webinar

This webinar demonstrates the advantages of using a novel Orbitrap mass spectrometer for qualitative and quantitative PTM analysis. The novel...

Now available on-demand
Pushing the Boundaries of Protein Identification

Channel(s): Proteomics & Genomics / Proteomics

Type: Highlight

Peptide identification rates and protein sequence coverage have historically advanced in line with improvements to the detection limits and spectral...

Investigating Metabolomic Time of Death Using a Novel High-Resolution Orbitrap-based GC-MS/MS System

Channel(s): Gas Chromatography / GC-MS / Base Peak / GC-MS

Type: Webinar

In this webinar Karl Burgess, a lead scientist in metabolomics research from Glasgow Polyomics and Cristian Cojocariu, senior application scientist at...

New High Resolution Accurate Mass LC-MS System Can Scan 50 Percent Faster Than Predecessor

Channel(s): HPLC / LC-MS / Proteomics & Genomics / LC-MS / Proteomics / Base Peak

Type: News

Thermo Fisher introduces new analytical systems at HUPO 2015

Channel(s): Capillary / nano LC / HPLC / Metabolomics / Nano LC / Proteomics & Genomics / LC-MS / LC-MS / Metabolomics / LC-MS / Proteomics / Base Peak / Proteomics / Proteins

Type: News

New Mass Spectrometer Platform Offers Greater Quantitative Sensitivity, Speed and Reproducibility

Channel(s): Proteomics & Genomics / Proteins / Proteomics / Base Peak

Type: News

Rapid identification and comparative analysis of chemical constituents in herbal medicine Fufang decoction by ultra‐high‐pressure liquid chromatography coupled with a hybrid linear ion trap–high‐resolution mass spectrometry

Type: EarlyView Article

ABSTRACT This study was conducted to reveal the relation between herbal medicine Fufang decoction and a single drug in terms of...

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