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Orbitrap Mass Analyzer - Overview and Applications in Proteomics

Channel(s): Proteomics

Type: Ezine

The orbitrap mass analyzer is proving itself as a useful addition to a proteomics tool box. The key attributes of this analyzer are accurate mass and...

The force of Orbitrap can thwart doping from the dark side of sport

Channel(s): Detectors / HPLC / Gas Chromatography / Base Peak

Type: Ezine

The use of anabolic steroids by athletes for doping purposes remains a serious problem, but existing analytical methods tend to give poor detection of...

Elucidation of the mass fragmentation pathways of potato glycoalkaloids and aglycons using Orbitrap mass spectrometry

Channel(s): Base Peak

Type: Ezine

The mass fragmentation of potato glycoalkaloids, alpha-solanine and alpha-chaconine, and the aglycons, demissidine and solasodine were studied using...

The use of in vitro technologies coupled with high resolution accurate mass LC-MS for studying drug metabolism in equine drug research

Channel(s): Base Peak

Type: Ezine

Equine liver/lung microsomes/S9 tissue fractions were used to study the phase I metabolism of eight drugs of relevance to equine drug surveillance...

Journal Highlight: Ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry and accurate mass measurements for high-throughput food lipids profiling

Channel(s): HRMS / Base Peak / Food quality analysis

Type: Ezine

Accurate mass measurements by ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry at R = 100,000 were used to show a detailed molecular composition of diverse...

Antarctic amino acids: Chiral differentiation

Channel(s): Environmental analysis / MS/MS / HRMS / LC-MS / Base Peak

Type: Ezine

L- and D-amino acids in Antarctic lakes have been separated and measured by a novel LC/MS procedure with the best reported detection limits to date,...

Fat work: Analysis and PLS

Channel(s): PLS / Chemometrics & Informatics

Type: Ezine

Elevated circulating concentrations of free fatty acids (FFAs) is generally considered to be a universal metabolic signature of excessive adipocyte...

Mass spectrometric determination of insulins and their degradation products in sports drug testing

Channel(s): Base Peak

Type: Ezine

The development of doping control assays to allow the unequivocal identification of synthetic insulin analogs and metabolic products derived from...

Advanced forensic fingerprinting: Imaging from cyanoacrylate-fumed prints

Channel(s): Other MS techniques / Base Peak / Forensics/drug testing

Type: Ezine

The classical forensic fingerprint technique of cyanoacrylate fuming is compatible with mass spectrometry imaging, say US researchers, who used an...

Test targets sport drugs cheats

Channel(s): Base Peak

Type: Ezine

Scientists have found a way to identify a type of new drug which could be misused by athletes. The test, developed in Germany, can spot...

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