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Journal Highlight: Applying multiple proteases to direct digestion of hundred-scale cell samples for proteome analysis

Channel(s): Proteomics / Biomarkers / Cancer / Humans

Type: Ezine

Multiple proteases were applied to the direct digestion of a few hundred cells and the identified proteins were compared both qualitatively and...

Journal Highlight: Defining the proteome of human iris, ciliary body, retinal pigment epithelium, and choroid

Channel(s): Clinical / Proteomics / Humans

Type: Ezine

The mass spectrometric proteome of the human iris, ciliary body, and retinal pigment epithelium/choroid has been determined and the data deposited in...

Journal Highlight: Chemically synthesized peptide libraries as a new source of BBB shuttles. Use of mass spectrometry for peptide identification

Channel(s): HRMS / MS/MS / FTICR / Base Peak / Clinical

Type: Ezine

A new high-throughput screening methodology has been developed to identify new peptide blood-brain barrier shuttles in a broadly unexplored chemical...

Journal Highlight: Analysis of soluble components in coals and interpretations for the complex mass spectra

Channel(s): LC-MS / Base Peak / Material science

Type: Ezine

Soluble products from the thermal dissolution of Chinese coals have been analyzed by LC/MS, revealing the distributions of isomers to describe the...

False negatives in food: High resolution mass spectrometry sorts analytes from interferents

Channel(s): Base Peak

Type: Ezine

A common food contaminant which could not be confirmed in many foods by tandem mass spectrometry due to a coeluting compound has been analysed...

Uncovering large peptide biomarkers

Channel(s): Proteomics

Type: Ezine

Large secreted peptides that are potential biomarkers have been identified and quantified quickly on the chromatographic time scale using a new type...

A new LESA life: screening food surfaces for pesticides by liquid extraction surface analysis

Channel(s): Base Peak

Type: Ezine

Pesticides on food surfaces at levels 20-fold lower than current EPA tolerance levels have been detected by mass spectrometry following automated...

Crazy workout supplement: Undeclared methamphetamine analogue

Channel(s): HPLC / Forensics/drug testing / LC-MS / MS/MS / LC-MS / Base Peak / Forensics/drug testing

Type: Ezine

A new analogue of methamphetamine which was not declared on the list of ingredients has been identified in a popular workout supplement, leading to...

Paper spray ionisation: Zero volt version

Channel(s): Base Peak / Ambient methods

Type: Ezine

A variation on paper spray ionisation requiring zero voltage that has been developed by Japanese scientists is suitable for liquid, solid and...

Pot in perfume: Marijuana active component detected

Channel(s): MS/MS / LC-MS / Base Peak / GC-MS / Forensics/drug testing / ESI

Type: Ezine

The principal psychoactive component of marijuana has been found in a commercial perfume by researchers in Austria, although its low concentration...

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