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The X-ray spectrometry channel covers all aspects of research into techniques using X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and crystallography used in material science, protein analysis, art and archaeology research, environmental analysis, biotechnology and pharmaceutical analysis. 

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Last Month's Most Accessed Feature: Enterovirus laid bare: X-ray structures

X-ray crystallography has been by a team in the USA to obtain the precise structure of the original strain of enterovirus EV-D68 known to cause respiratory illness and polio-like symptoms in children as well as a second structure in which the virus is bound to the drug pleconaril.

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2015 Free Sample Issues of Key Analytical Science Journals

The 2015 free sample issues of all our Analytical Chemistry journals are now available!

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Dead red: Discoloured pigment X-rayed

David Bradley

Mar 15, 2015

thumbnail image: Dead red Discoloured pigment X-rayed

"Red lead" is familiar as a component of the orange-red rustproof paint used on boats and other areas exposed to the sea and the weather. It has also been used by countless artists through the centuries. Unfortunately, the pigment undergoes discoloration over time. Now, researchers at DESY have used X-ray diffraction mapping and tomography experiments to help them explain the process.

The feasibility of portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for the preliminary elemental analysis of glass in the forensic field has been demonstrated.

An ancient black hole that formed less than a billion years after the Big Bang sits at the heart of a distant quasar first observed from China. The black hole has a mass estimated at 12 billion times that of our Sun and the system a luminosity equivalent to 420 trillion suns. The Hubble and Chandra X-ray telescopes are now observing this astonishing and enigmatic entity.

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We are proud to announce a new series of educational webinars run in collaboration with Chromedia, COAST, and SciMind, a product of the American Chemical Society. These webinars will build into a must-have set of tutorial materials for the analytical scientist.

In this article, the late Ron Jenkins, formerly of the International Center for Diffraction Data provides a brief but comprehensive overview of modern X-ray techniques.

The 1962 book, Fifty Years of X-Ray Diffraction, dedicated to the International Union of Crystallography on the occasion of the commemoration meeting in Munich, July 1962, by P.P. Ewald (editor), and numerous crystallographers has been digitized and put on the web as a free site by the ICU.

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Future Events

ENC 2015 - 56th Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference

Apr 19, 2015

Pacific Grove, CA, United States

thumbnail image: ENC 2015 - 56th Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference

Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference

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X-Ray Spectrometry is devoted to the rapid publication of papers dealing with the theory and application of x-ray spectrometry using electron, x-ray photon, proton, γ and γ-x sources.

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Agilent appoints new board member

Jon Evans

Mar 19, 2015

Agilent Technologies has appointed Daniel Podolsky, president of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, as the newest member of its board of directors.

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Pittcon 2014 Editors' Gold Award – Texas Instruments

Date: Mar 10, 2014

Eileen Skelly Frame talks with this year's Pittcon Editors' Award Gold winners, Texas Instruments, about their DLP NIR scan technology.

thumbnail image: Pittcon 2014 Editors' Gold Award – Texas Instruments
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