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The X-ray spectrometry channel covers all aspects of research into techniques using X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and crystallography used in material science, protein analysis, art and archaeology research, environmental analysis, biotechnology and pharmaceutical analysis. 

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Last Month's Most Accessed Feature: Stellar outburst: X-raying this year's supernova

Astronomers have planned observations using the Hubble Space Telescope operated by NASA and the European Space Agency as well as NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, and Swift missions in order to glean as much information about the recent supernova flare-up SN 2014J, in galaxy M82 as possible.

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Automated sample preparation by fusion for XRF

In this webinar, Claisse® will present the rFusion® Modular System, capable of automatically dosing, mixing and fusing samples to prepare them for XRF analysis.

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Shapely leaves: Auxin explains

David Bradley

Apr 15, 2014

thumbnail image: Shapely leaves Auxin explains

New crystallographic details reveal details about how the plant hormone auxin networks biochemically within a growing plant and controls the size and shape of its leaves, according to a new study.

A multi-technique approach, including X-ray fluorescence, was used to characterize a group of decorative stones and to distinguish rocks used in historical constructions and sculptures with similar aspects but coming from different areas.

Shock absorbers: Boning up on citrate

David Bradley

Apr 1, 2014

thumbnail image: Shock absorbers Boning up on citrate

A combination of X-ray diffraction, NMR spectroscopy, imaging and high-level molecular modelling by a UK collaboration has demonstrated that citrate ions form a shock-absorbing gel between crystals within the structure of bone.

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The 1962 book, Fifty Years of X-Ray Diffraction, dedicated to the International Union of Crystallography on the occasion of the commemoration meeting in Munich, July 1962, by P.P. Ewald (editor), and numerous crystallographers has been digitized and put on the web as a free site by the ICU.

In this article, the late Ron Jenkins, formerly of the International Center for Diffraction Data provides a brief but comprehensive overview of modern X-ray techniques.

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X-Ray Spectrometry is devoted to the rapid publication of papers dealing with the theory and application of x-ray spectrometry using electron, x-ray photon, proton, γ and γ-x sources.

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Proving GM food is OK to eat

Steve Down

Apr 7, 2014

Scientists in the US believe they have uncovered a novel way to compare GM and unmodified crops which will help to convince doubters that GM food is safe to eat.

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Pittcon 2014 Editors' Gold Award – Texas Instruments

Date: Mar 10, 2014

Eileen Skelly Frame talks with this year's Pittcon Editors' Award Gold winners, Texas Instruments, about their DLP NIR scan technology.

thumbnail image: Pittcon 2014 Editors' Gold Award – Texas Instruments
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