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The X-ray spectrometry channel covers all aspects of research into techniques using X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and crystallography used in material science, protein analysis, art and archaeology research, environmental analysis, biotechnology and pharmaceutical analysis. 

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Quality in the Laboratory

Quality is of extreme importance for labs. However, it is often seen as the responsibility of the quality manager and its importance and impact on your own work is not always well understood. In this webinar, Peter Kootstra will reinforce how quality can improve your performance and your work satisfaction.

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Last Month's Most Accessed Feature: Resistance is low: New quantum effect

In experiments using X-ray angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, US researchers have discovered a new quantum effect that enables electrons to move through the interior of certain materials with very little resistance.

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Fair-weather power: Solar textiles

David Bradley

Aug 15, 2014

thumbnail image: Fair-weather power Solar textiles

Whether you're a tweed-wearing hipster or down with the kids sporting your post-modern baggy jeans, textile-based solar cells that could be patched into your clothes might one day let you charge up your mobile phone or other gadgets while out in the sunshine, according to research published this month in the journal Angewandte Chemie. The work by scientists in China used X-ray characterization of key components to take the first solar strides.

The directional asymmetry, allometry, physical maturity and sexual dimorphism of the Pontoporia blainvillei dolphin were estimated from the X-ray analysis of the flipper skeleton.

Solar power: Crystallographic clues

David Bradley

Aug 1, 2014

thumbnail image: Solar power Crystallographic clues

An international research team is testing its intellectual strength using serial femtosecond crystallography with a view to teasing apart the proteins involved in photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert solar energy into carbohydrates.

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The 1962 book, Fifty Years of X-Ray Diffraction, dedicated to the International Union of Crystallography on the occasion of the commemoration meeting in Munich, July 1962, by P.P. Ewald (editor), and numerous crystallographers has been digitized and put on the web as a free site by the ICU.

In this article, the late Ron Jenkins, formerly of the International Center for Diffraction Data provides a brief but comprehensive overview of modern X-ray techniques.

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X-Ray Spectrometry is devoted to the rapid publication of papers dealing with the theory and application of x-ray spectrometry using electron, x-ray photon, proton, γ and γ-x sources.

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Asses and beans

Steve Down

Aug 13, 2014

I came across a common typo recently, steriods, and was reminded of some of the typing errors I had seen in papers over the years.

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Pittcon 2014 Editors' Gold Award – Texas Instruments

Date: Mar 10, 2014

Eileen Skelly Frame talks with this year's Pittcon Editors' Award Gold winners, Texas Instruments, about their DLP NIR scan technology.

thumbnail image: Pittcon 2014 Editors' Gold Award – Texas Instruments
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