Oxford Instruments introduces two new high-performance handheld XRF analysers

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  • Published: Apr 22, 2015
  • Source: Oxford Instruments
  • Channels: X-ray Spectrometry
thumbnail image: Oxford Instruments introduces two new high-performance handheld XRF analysers

Abingdon, UK. April 22, 2015.

Oxford Instruments has added two new models to its successful new generation X-MET8000 series of handheld XRF analysers for rapid alloy identification in power generation facilities, manufacturing plants in multiple industries, the scrap metal processing/recycling and precious metals markets world-wide. Along with the X-MET8000 Expert (available since September 2014), the new models X-MET8000 Optimum and X-MET8000 Smart enable reliable, uninterrupted metals analysis, all-day long, in the harshest environments.

Three models to suit all analysis needs and budgets

The X-MET8000 range of analysers has been designed to cover all analysis needs and budgets. The entry level, X-MET8000 Smart analyser is ideal for routine, rapid testing of common alloys. The mid-range X-MET8000 Optimum model is optimised for high speed sorting and analysis of alloys, from aluminiums to bronzes to stainless steels, etc. The top of the range X-MET8000 Expert provides the ultimate performance for the testing of the widest variety of alloys; with superior light elements (Mg, Al, Si, P and S), tramp and trace elements analysis.

Fast, accurate and versatile verification

All three X-MET8000 models are fitted with a large-area SDD (silicon drift detector) and high performance X-ray tube, delivering exceptional speed and superior performance. Clear functional icons on the large (11cm/4.3”) integrated LCD touchscreen make the instrument simple and quick to use, even with gloves on and in direct sunlight. The flexible and easily customisable results screen means that only relevant information is displayed, ensuring the decision-making process is always optimised. The X-MET8000 may be used for a full working day of 10-12 hours without needing to change the battery, maximising uptime. Due to its ergonomic design, the X-MET8000 is perfectly balanced and lightweight at only 1.5kg (3.3lb), minimising user fatigue.

Christelle Petiot, Product Manager, Oxford Instruments, said “Our new generation of X-MET8000 handheld XRF analysers uses the latest technology to provide superior speed and performance, so that professionals dealing with alloy testing, from metal recyclers to PMI inspectors, can maximise analysis throughput without compromising on the quality of test results.”

Fit for purpose with a low cost of ownership

Designed with low cost of ownership in mind, all three models are manufactured with a rugged enclosure and are IP54 (equivalent to NEMA 3) compliant meaning they can withstand the harshest working environments. The X-MET8000 Smart is fitted with a robust, thick Kapton window, and an optional shield is available for the X-MET8000 Optimum and X-MET8000 Expert, both preventing detector and X-ray tube damage when testing small components and sharp objects, therefore eliminating potential downtime and costly repairs.

For more information, please visit www.oxford-instruments.com/x-met8000.

About Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments designs, supplies and supports high-technology tools and systems with a focus on research and industrial applications. It provides solutions needed to advance fundamental physics research and its transfer into commercial nanotechnology applications. Innovation has been the driving force behind Oxford Instruments’ growth and success for over 50 years, and its strategy is to effect the successful commercialisation of these ideas by bringing them to market in a timely and customer-focused fashion.

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