Use and Qualification of TXRF for Trace Element Analysis of Dietary Supplements and Nutrients

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  • Date: Dec 1, 2010 - 15:00 - 16:00 (local time)
  • Categories: X-ray Spectrometry
thumbnail image: Use and Qualification of TXRF for Trace Element Analysis of Dietary Supplements and Nutrients

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Use and Qualification of TXRF for Trace Element Analysis of Dietary Supplements and Nutrients 

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S2 PICOFOX TXRF spectrometer

S2 PICOFOX TXRF spectrometer

Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) analysis has proven its capabilities in many different fields. The major advantages of the method are that it allows simultaneous multi-element detection and quantification down to the ppb range, using a highly sensitive spectrometer as the unique Bruker S2 PICOFOX is. Additionally, TXRF analysis shows no matrix effects, requires minimal sample amounts and almost no preparation effort.

The first part of the webinar focuses on the use of TXRF as a tool for investigating product adulteration issues during the food production processes as well as for qualifying phytochemical standards used in the dietary supplement industry. Real-world examples of how TXRF is used to solve quality issues with phytochemical reference standards, identify unknowns and analyze limited sample amounts will be covered.

The second part describes the analysis of liquid nutritional products (LNP). LNP are nutritionally supplemented for patients who are recovering from illness, injury or surgery and for people at risk of malnutrition. Mineral analysis is of crucial importance for product compliance and quality control. Here, TXRF spectroscopy is clearly identified as a suitable and rapid method for the multi-element quantification including macro and micro-nutrients.

Who should attend

  • Researchers at institutions for nutritional, veterinary, agrochemical and environmental sciences
  • Scientists at institutes for food engineering / food and biotechnology
  • Lab managers and technical assistants from the nutrition/food industry
  • Employees at institutions for public health, occupational safety and environmental protection

Your Presenters

Armin Gross

Dr Armin Gross
Global Product Manager TXRF/micro-XRF
Bruker Nano GmbH

Hagen Stosnach

Dr Hagen Stosnach
Application Scientist TXRF
Bruker Nano GmbH


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