Trace Element Analysis of Industrial Wastewater and Sewage with TXRF

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  • Date: Feb 23, 2011 - 15:00 - 16:00 (local time)
  • Categories: X-ray Spectrometry
thumbnail image: Trace Element Analysis of Industrial Wastewater and Sewage with TXRF

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Trace Element Analysis of Industrial Wastewater
and Sewage with TXRF

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S2 PICOFOX TXRF spectrometer

S2 PICOFOX TXRF spectrometer


This one-hour webinar demonstrates the capabilities of TXRF for trace element analysis of industrial wastewater, sewage, mining waste and process runoff. It also highlights the ease of sample preparation of this analytical technique for routine lab analysis, industrial lab testing and mobile laboratories. You will learn about the preparation of slurries, suspensions and other multiphase mixtures without any time-consuming digestion procedures.

This webinar focuses on limits of detection, ease-of-use and advantages of TXRF to conform to various environmental water applications and regulations. Advanced sampling techniques to streamline all sewage testing needs are discussed. Whether your interest lies in method development for environmental monitoring, water quality testing or regulated sewage analysis, this webinar contains the necessary information to judge the capabilities of the TXRF technique to provide solutions for specific analytical requirements.

Who should attend

  • Researchers involved in environmental sciences, including water, sediment, mud, food,
    fertilizer and waste
  • Scientists at institutes for geochemistry, fuel exploration, mining and environmental protection
  • Lab managers and analysts from governmental, industrial and service labs
  • Cement, petrochemical, agricultural, waste recycling and refinery personnel

Your Presenters

Armin Gross Hagen Stosnach
Dr Armin Gross
Global Product Manager TXRF/micro-XRF
Bruker Nano GmbH
Dr Hagen Stosnach
Application Scientist TXRF
Bruker Nano GmbH

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