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Melting in the heat: Atomic movie

Date: Jul 15, 2018

Author: David Bradley

US researchers have used a high energy source to carry out an investigation of the heterogeneous to homogeneous melting transition. The visualization based on ultrafast electron diffraction improves our understanding of how metals melt and could be used to guide the design of extreme engineering systems such as fusion power reactors, steel processing plants, and spacecraft.

Read More thumbnail image: Melting in the heat Atomic movie

Journal Highlight: Utilization of X‐ray computed tomography for the exclusion of a specific caliber and bullet type in a living shooting victim

Date: Jul 9, 2018

Author: spectroscopyNOW

CT scans were carried out on a bystander claimed to have been shot by a police officer to match qualitative and quantitative aspects of the unremoved bullet with police issued 9 mm Luger ammunition.

Read More thumbnail image: Journal Highlight Utilization of Xray computed tomography for the exclusion of a specific caliber and bullet type in a living shooting victim

19th Century photography: X-ray restoration art

Date: Jul 1, 2018

Author: David Bradley

Early photography based on the daguerreotype method used silver plates. Unfortunately some of the oldest known photographic artefacts have faded with the years. Now a team in Canada has demonstrated that they can use a synchrotron light source to carry out rapid-scanning micro-X-ray fluorescence imaging of daguerreotypes and reveal the latent, long-since faded image.

Read More thumbnail image: 19th Century photography X-ray restoration art

Eye, eye: Sea Urchin feet X-rayed

Date: Jun 15, 2018

Author: David Bradley

Sea urchins are not renowned for the visual acuity, indeed they don't have eyes, as such, but they can perceive light. A new study from Lund University using X-ray tomography and electron microscopy shows that they can see with their feet.

Read More thumbnail image: Eye eye Sea Urchin feet X-rayed

Journal Highlight: Chemical mapping by macroscopic X‐ray powder diffraction (MA‐XRPD) of Van Gogh's sunflowers: Identification of areas with higher degradation risk

Date: Jun 11, 2018

Author: spectroscopyNOW

Macroscopic X‐ray powder diffraction imaging of selected areas on Van Gogh's Sunflowers revealed the presence of two subtypes of chrome yellow, one of which indicatied a higher risk for past or future darkening.

Read More thumbnail image: Journal Highlight Chemical mapping by macroscopic Xray powder diffraction MAXRPD of Van Goghs sunflowers Identification of areas with higher degradation risk

Insider view: X-rayed battery life

Date: Jun 1, 2018

Author: David Bradley

A three-dimensional X-ray tomographic study carried out by researchers from the University of Illinois to investigate lithium battery electrodes could improve our understanding of this almost ubiquitous technology and perhaps lead to improvements in storage capacity and battery lifespan.

Read More thumbnail image: Insider view X-rayed battery life

Throwing shapes: Diffracting on memory effect

Date: May 15, 2018


Shape-shifting, porous materials are one step closer thanks to work carried out at Kyoto University, Japan. X-ray crystallography studies provide the details of the function known as shape-memory effect in these substances.

Read More thumbnail image: Throwing shapes Diffracting on memory effect

Journal Highlight: Hard X‐ray nanoholotomography: Large‐scale, label‐free, 3D neuroimaging beyond optical limit

Date: May 7, 2018

Author: spectroscopyNOW

The use of X‐ray nanoholotomography as an emerging synchrotron radiation‐based technology for large‐scale, label‐free, direct neuroimaging shows that it can complement microscopy by providing large isotropic volumetric data and morphological detail.

Read More thumbnail image: Journal Highlight Hard Xray nanoholotomography Largescale labelfree 3D neuroimaging beyond optical limit

X marks the spot: Organic fuel cells

Date: May 1, 2018

Author: David Bradley

An X-ray diffraction study reveals details of porous organic salt structures that have high proton conductivity and might be used in future fuel cell technology.

Read More thumbnail image: X marks the spot Organic fuel cells

Islands in the exhaust stream: X-rays get nano

Date: Apr 15, 2018

Author: David Bradley

X-ray diffraction data sensitive to metal nanoparticle surface structure has been combined with in situ mass spectrometry to observe the ambient pressure carbon monoxide oxidation over a platinum-rhodiumcatalyst.

Read More thumbnail image: Islands in the exhaust stream X-rays get nano
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