Video tutorial series: Analyzing spectral data with multivariate methods

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  • Published: Mar 1, 2013
  • Categories: Chemometrics & Informatics
thumbnail image: Video tutorial series: Analyzing spectral data with multivariate methods

With a new version of the leading multivariate analysis software, The Unscrambler® X soon to be released, CAMO Software are pleased to present a video tutorial series on theory and practice when analyzing spectra with multivariate methods.

The Unscrambler® X is recognized as the leading chemometrics software for use with spectroscopy due to its:

  • Easy importing from a wide range of spectrometers, as well as the option to drag 'n' drop data directly from Microsoft Excel into the software.
  • Interactive data previews in the import dialogue box, and interpolate spectra from different sources so they can be analyzed together
  • Extensive data pre-processing tools including spectral transformations
  • Powerful multivariate regression, classification, exploratory data analysis and classical statistics
  • Interactive data visualization tools to zoom, rotate and drill down to individual data points
  • Enhanced security features including compliance mode, digital signatures and audit trail
  • Intuitive project based workflows make it easier to manage your daily work
  • Comprehensive tutorials on multivariate analysis within the software itself

Read more and download a free 30-day trial at

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