High Efficiency Source in GC/MS: Using Sensitivity to Enhance Productivity

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  • Date: Oct 10, 2018 - 15:00 - 16:00 (local time)
  • Presenter: Jonathan Dunscombe
  • Copyright: Image: motorolka/Shutterstock
  • Categories: Gas Chromatography / Base Peak
thumbnail image: High Efficiency Source in GC/MS: Using Sensitivity to Enhance Productivity

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High Efficiency Source in GC/MS: Using Sensitivity to Enhance Productivity

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GCMS instruments are a common feature of the modern analytical laboratory and are reliable tools for investigative and targeted analysis. However, with regulations in varying industries calling for lower limits of detection and increases in sample numbers, this type of analysis can be a hard task to deal with on aging, well used versions such as the 5973 and 5975 MSD, and also puts considerable strain on employees. With the development of the Agilent 5977B High Efficiency Source MSD, being able to accurately detect and quantitate trace components is now less of a problem. As a result of this sensitivity, the possibility of using automated techniques to deal with larger sample number opens up. In this webinar we will talk about 5977B HES, the differences and benefits compared to older models, and how these attributes may be used to enhance laboratory capability.

What you will learn:

  • How the latest in mass spectrometry instrumentation can be used in conjunction with automation to maintain limits of detection whilst reducing sample size
  • How the use of modern GC/MSD instruments can simplify analysis of complex environmental samples to identify trace level contaminants
  • How automation can be applied to water and environmental sample analysis
  • How liquid-liquid extraction can be automated, and the benefits of different extraction styles

Who should attend:

  1. Users of GC-MS
  2. Environmental analysts
  3. Environmental Laboratory Managers
  4. Scientists interested in increasing productivity through automation and modern instrumentation


Your Presenters:

Jonathan Dunscombe

Applications Specialist

Anatune Ltd

Jonathan Dunscombe: Biography

Jonathan is an Applications specialist at Anatune Ltd in Cambridge, UK. An experienced GCMS user, he has spent the past 18 months performing environmental analysis using the 5977B GC/MSD with HES. This has enabled him put the instrument through its paces and discover its real world capabilities. Prior to joining Anatune in January 2017, he started his career as an analytical chemist at Severn Trent Water gaining a strong background in environmental analysis. It was during this time that he was introduced to the world of automation and how this can improve laboratory productivity.

Lakshmi Krishnan

GC/MS Single Quadrupole Product Manager,

Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Lakshmi Krishnan: Biography

Lakshmi Krishnan is the Product Manager for the GC/MS Single Quadrupole platform at Agilent Technologies, Inc.. She has held numerous roles in Marketing at Agilent Technologies and has helped commercialize multiple new Agilent Mass Spectrometry platforms. In today's session, she'll be introducing the latest development from Agilent in GC/MS analysis.

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