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Encyclopedia of Applied Spectroscopy

Date: Sep 23, 2009

Author: David L. Andrews

This latest comprehensive reference set on spectroscopy and spectrometers systematically covers the theory, hardware and applications. Edited by an author and scientist of international repute, this ready reference and handbook features color figures as well as abstracts and detailed tables of contents for easy access. A must-have for those applying spectroscopy in all branches of physics, chemistry and biology.

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Mass Spectrometry of Non-Covalent Complexes: Supramolecular Chemistry in the Gas Phase

Date: Sep 18, 2009

Author: Christoph A. Schalley, Andreas Springer

Details the many benefits of applying mass spectrometry to supramolecular chemistry Except as a method for the most basic measurements, mass spectrometry (MS) has long been considered incompatible with supramolecular chemistry. Yet, with today's methods, the disconnect between these two fields is not warranted. Mass Spectrometry and Gas-Phase Chemistry of Non-Covalent Complexes provides a convincing look at how modern MS techniques offer supramolecular chemists a powerful investigatory...

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Fluorescence Applications in Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Date: Sep 11, 2009

Author: Ewa M. Goldys

A self-contained treatment of the latest fluorescence applications in biotechnology and the life sciences This book focuses specifically on the present applications of fluorescence in molecular and cellular dynamics, biological/medical imaging, proteomics, genomics, and flow cytometry. It raises awareness of the latest scientific approaches and technologies that may help resolve problems relevant for the industry and the community in areas such as public health, food safety, and environmental...

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Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy: Techniques and Applications

Date: Aug 27, 2009

Author: Giel Berden, Richard Engeln

Cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) is a simple, highly sensitive direct absorption technique based on the rate of absorption of light circulating in an optical cavity. CRDS can be used to study atoms and molecules in the gas and condensed phase, and is especially powerful for measuring strong absorptions of species present in trace amounts or weak absorptions of abundant species. The technique can be applied in physical, atmospheric, environmental and analytical chemistry, also combustion science,...

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Organic Mass Spectrometry in Art and Archaeology

Date: Aug 21, 2009

Author: Prof Maria Perla Colombini, Francesca Modugno

Offers an overview of the analysis of art and archaeological materials using techniques based on mass spectrometry Illustrates basic principles, procedures and applications of mass spectrometric techniques. Fills a gap in the field of application on destructive methods in the analysis of museum objects Edited by a world-wide respected specialists with extensive experience of the GC/MS analysis of art objects Such a handbook has been long-awaited by scientists, restorers and other experts in the...

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Chemometrics for Pattern Recognition

Date: Aug 21, 2009

Author: Richard Brereton

Over the past decade, pattern recognition has been one of the fastest growth points in chemometrics. This has been catalysed by the increase in capabilities of automated instruments such as LCMS, GCMS, and NMR, to name a few, to obtain large quantities of data, and, in parallel, the significant growth in applications especially in biomedical analytical chemical measurements of extracts from humans and animals, together with the increased capabilities of desktop computing. The interpretation of such...

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Miniaturization of Analytical Systems: Principles, Designs and Applications

Date: Aug 14, 2009

Author: Angel Rios, Alberto Escarpa, Bartolome Simonet

The book describes a general vision of the miniaturization of the analytical systems, including their principles, designs and applications. Through ten chapters the different aspects characterizing the miniaturized systems are developed. Thus, the two first chapters include the basic concepts behind miniaturization in analytical chemistry, as well as the mechanical and electronic tools needed for designing and fabricating miniaturized analytical systems.  Chapters 3 to 6 represent the core of the...

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Aldrich Library of FT-IR Spectra, 3 Volume Set, 2nd Edition

Date: May 28, 2009

Author: Charles Pouchert

This three volume set includes over 18,000 spectra categorized by chemical functionality and arranged in order of increasing structural complexity. All spectra were run in the Aldrich quality control laboratories and confirmed by other spectroscopic and chromatographic analyses. The library includes extensive cross-references by chemical name, molecular formula, CAS number, and Aldrich catalog number.   The Aldrich Collection of FT-IR Spectra Edition II library contains spectra of 18,454 pure...

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Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation, Interpretation, and Applications

Date: Apr 23, 2009

Author: Rolf Ekman, Jerzy Silberring, Ann M. Westman-Brinkmalm, Agnieszka Kraj, Dominic M. Desiderio, Nico M. Nibbering

With contributions from noted experts from Europe and North America, Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation, Interpretation, and Applications serves as a forum to introduce students to the whole world of mass spectrometry and to the many different perspectives that each scientific field brings to its use. The book emphasizes the use of this important analytical technique in many different fields, including applications for organic and inorganic chemistry, forensic science, biotechnology, and many other areas....

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Liquid Chromatography Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

Date: Apr 23, 2009

Author: Imma Ferrer, E. M. Thurman

Time of flight mass spectrometry identifies the elements of a compound by subjecting a sample of ions to a strong electrical field. Illuminating emerging analytical techniques in high-resolution mass spectrometry, Liquid Chromatography Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry shows readers how to analyze unknown and emerging contaminants—such as antibiotics, steroids, analgesics—using advanced mass spectrometry techniques. The text combines theoretical discussion with concrete examples, making it...

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