Laser Physics Letters

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  • Editor-in-Chief: Pavel P. Pashinin
  • ISSN: 1612-202X
  • Channels: UV/Vis Spectroscopy / X-ray Spectrometry / Base Peak / Infrared Spectroscopy / Atomic / Raman / Chemometrics & Informatics

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Laser Physics Letters is the international journal for original research papers and brief reviews on all aspects of laser science. The journal offers a comprehensive overview of theoretical and experimental laser research, all aspects of modern laser physics and quantum electronics with particular regards to solid state and semiconductor lasers. Also included are topics on new optical materials and nonlinear optics as well as ultra-fast dynamics, laser spectroscopy and laser cooling.


Applied physicists, theoretical physicists, laser specialists, Optical Engineers, Scientists working in the optical industry and laboratories


semiconductor lasers, optical materials, laser spectroscopy, laser cooling, laser metrology, Optics, Lasers, Optical Materials, Beam Optics, Laser applications, Spectroscopy, Ultrafast optics, Nonlinear optics, Quantum optics, quantum electronics, laser, physics, letters

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